First look at site of Russian jet crash in Sinai


Shattered debris and burned out parts of the plane – an RT crew has reached the site of the Russian jet crash in Sinai where experts from the Russian Emergency Ministry are working to recover the remains of the victims and to investigate the tragic accident. Some may find the footage disturbing.  

4 thoughts on “First look at site of Russian jet crash in Sinai

  1. Why is it that the Russian jets are the only ones that leave a real debris field? The American jet crashes, you never see any debris anywhere. What is wrong with this picture?

    The Pentagon crash for example, or the crash in that field on 911. Tired of all the bullshit

  2. Of course, the video won’t load, but I don’t need no footage from Tel Aviv to tell me where the bear shit’s in the woods on this one. Someone needed to die, they did, and the rest is “collateral damage.”

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