Five dead in Terrell crime spree; suspect in custody

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TERRELL — An overnight manhunt in Kaufman County led to the arrest of a 36-year-old Terrell man after five people were found killed at four separate locations Monday.

Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. was arrested following a car chase with police, sheriff’s deputies and state troopers. The chase began Monday night and went into the early morning hours Tuesday. At about 1:30 a.m., the chase ended when Brownlow crashed his car on College Mound Road and fled into a wooded area south of U.S. 80, where he was later apprehended.  

“We’re all in a state of shock,” said Terrell police Chief Jody Lay. “This is going to have a big impact on us.”

Authorities found the first victim at about 5 p.m., which is when they received a report of a shooting in the 300 block of Tyler St. Upon arriving at the scene, police found the body of a woman with a bullet wound to the head. SOURCE

I’m 100% certain that the anti-gun crowd will eat this story up, Five dead in Terrell crime spree; suspect in custody, but what the anti-gun people don’t realize is this; the gun didn’t make this happen, an idiot WITH a gun did.

Some of the comments on the original story are already on the attack, one saying “Idiots with guns”, and to a point I fully agree, this was a case of an idiot with a gun, an evil, murderous idiot, but he is part of a VERY small minority and is in NO WAY representative of ALL gun owners, no more than a drunk driver is representative of ALL drivers, a bad Cop is representative of ALL Cops, a bad Priest is representative of ALL Catholics or an abusive parent is representative of ALL parents.

I could go on and on with the comparisons of good and bad and who represents what, but I think MY readers will get the point.

I am also certain that no one on the Left, any person that’s a part of the anti-gun cabal will agree with any of that. It doesn’t represent their claims of all gun owners being those evil and murderous idiots mentioned above.

What this story also doesn’t do is give enough information for anyone to form an opinion about the cause of this rampage. There are too many unknowns at this time and all anyone can do is *guess*.

Making a *guess* on a story like the Terrell shooting can leave you looking foolish too. Do you remember all of the wild speculation that was flying when assistant Kaufman County prosecutor Mark Hasse, Kaufman County DA Mike McLelland and wife Cynthia were murdered a while back?

Many were pointing fingers and making accusations, saying that the murders were committed by the Aryan Brotherhood, NAZIs and drug cartels? Well, it turned out to be a former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace and his wife that did the shooting, or so the story now goes.

I will NOT speculate on this shooting spree for those very reasons but I do have to say, all of a sudden there’s been a spike in shootings in the DFW area.

From the DFW headlines this morning:
Duncanville police shoot, kill suspect during foot chase
Suspect in fatal Arlington shooting surrenders after seven-hour standoff
Bond Reduced for Man Accused of Shooting Boy in the Face

I have NO idea WHY these people do what they do, I have NO idea WHY this type of thing seems to happen in *bunches* when it does happen, but I DO know this; these are not the actions of SANE, RESPONSIBLE gun owners and the actions of a very few reflect badly on the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of us that have NO inclination nor desire to ever involve ourselves in such behavior.

This spate of recent shootings only reinforces my belief that the ARMED and TRAINED American shooter is even more valuable today than they were yesterday, and in MY estimation, the armed and trained American gun owner is invaluable.

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