FLASH: Iran Threatens to Close the Straits of Hormuz

Iran is threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz, escalating tensions in the Middle East.  It seems this dogma is being put forth as breaking news at least once a month now.  The United States sends another ship to the Persian Gulf to further intimidate the Iranians through what can only be defined as an offensive act and this barely raises an eyebrow.  Iran sends ships into the Persian Gulf for missile exercises and the boob tube lights up with “Alert! Warning! Iranians threaten to close Straits of Hormuz!”

The following week oil prices start to climb again, followed by immediate raises at the pumps which are blamed on Iran while the big oil companies fleece the American people.

The Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz sit directly off the coast of Iran.  If they want to put their ships out to sea for any reason, including war games, this is where they must go.  So are we going to send ships to the South China Sea every time a Chinese warship sets sail on maneuvers?

The US Navy is being used not only as a bullying tool, but as an apparatus for controlling oil prices on the world market and any assertion that the US naval activity in the Persian Gulf has anything to do with the interests of we the people can be dismissed at the next stop at the gas station.

The US Israeli cabal is becoming more arrogant every day in conducting its immoral operations right out in the open.  Understand, the way they look at it they get to play with the price of oil in the international monopoly game, while setting the stage for imminent invasions into Syria, Lebanon, and Iran, which either Obama or Romney will green light immediately after the 2012 Presidential Election.

I have noticed that the Zionists, both in Israel and the United States, have slithered back into the shadows and ceased their pro-Zion ad campaign, as all it is accomplishing is further exposing them as the evil elitists they are.  Thank God for the internet, as we can take the headlines from the pro-Zion propaganda and use them to bring more of our population to the truth, which will, if acted upon, set us free.

God continue to shine the light on the evil Zionists.

4 thoughts on “FLASH: Iran Threatens to Close the Straits of Hormuz

  1. I am sick to death of “speculation” and the ludicrous prices we have to pay for gasoline and home heating oil! There is also the fact that the gasoline we are getting is total CRAP! Ethanol is completely useless, all it does is cause damage to hoses and other engine parts. Ethanol gasoline also turns sour in three months or less. The alcohol evaporates so fast that it causes vapor lock in chainsaws and other equipment too. Oh, and since we’re now getting the ethanol from sugar cane, that is putting the US in debt to South American countries. When will this country wake up and a put a stop to this madness?!?

  2. So close it down already, Iran. What’s the holdup? The U.S. and Israel probably won’t do anything about it till after they blame the Olympic bombing on you anyway.

  3. Oh for cryin’ out loud, just close the DAMN THING ALREADY so we can get this war started. I’m sick of playing the waiting game and I’m by no means rooting for the U.S. to win this war, either. As an impatient individual, Psychological warfare was never my strongpoint. If you are going to do something, then do it. Otherwise, shut up and go home. That includes the U.S. Actions speak louder than words these days. If we’re gonna go to war, then hurry it up already. The same goes for the patriots who want to take back our country. You know that’s where the road will lead. What are you waiting for? Let’s get this thing started, already. I want my freedom back by the time I’m old and gray, dammit. If something were to happen to me in battle, then I’d rather die a free man than live as a slave.

  4. I’m already there (old and grey), but I’m still in great shape for my age (59), but I’m definitely not expecting to die of old age or natural causes anymore these days, given the present circumstances.
    Still, I wouldn’t mind another 10 or 15 years on this earth, but that’s obviously not going to happen, so I’m with you on that one NC. The suspense alone is killing me!

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