Why is the US Flag being taken Down across our Country?

Title 4 USC 1 Flag

Veterans in Minnesota are reacting with outrage as The Department of Transportation has ordered that United States flags flying from overpasses there be removed.  The DOT sites safety concerns but the veterans are not buying it.  It is becoming the predominant opinion that the removal of US flags in venues across our nation is a deliberate attempt to undermine our veterans and their service to our country.

This could not be further from the truth.  Though it seems that every removal of the flag has a veteran at its center, the removal of a flag actually has nothing to do with them.  You see, veterans tend to fly the Title 4 USC 1 American Free Flag of Peace.

To understand exactly what this has to do with the situation we must understand what a flag is, which is a marker.  When two armies face one another on a battlefield, the advancement of one flag carried by one army or the other marks conquest of, and authority over, the ground occupied.  And this concept carries on into every venue upon the land.  This is why there are flags in our courts, as they mark the jurisdiction and control of the court.

The Department of Transportation recently took control of the corporate stock certificates we know better as our birth certificates.  In essence, this is the agency that owns us.  This ownership is established through an unconstitutional jurisdiction.

The Title 4 Free Flag of Peace of the United States is the label representation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Where it flies, it is superior and marks absolute jurisdiction.  This is why the Title 4 Flag must come down wherever unconstitutional tyranny is being implemented, like on the highways where unconstitutional policies are being enforced as law by the DOT.

We also see this in homeowner association communities where non-government officials can levy fines and seize property from citizens not obeying rules set down that are an affront to the laws within the constitution that protect private property rights.

Or within the courts where the flag has been fringed with gold and topped by an eagle icon, making it a military jurisdiction wherein we the people are persecuted under an international admiralty jurisdiction.

If you would like to know more in reference to the law of the flag, read Title 4 USC 1 and Army Regulation 840-10.

5 thoughts on “Why is the US Flag being taken Down across our Country?

  1. The above written presents a wonderful “technical” argument as to why DOD is suddenly full of lust to remove the American flag.

    The real reason is far more mundane….

    The De-Americanization of the USA is well underway, and has been occuring for sometime now. This is simply another step in the process.

    Part of the destruction of the USA & The US Constitution requires that any/all reminders of those two facets be removed from sight.

    As any good advertiser will tell you,… visual recognition is everything.

    In promoting a political paradigm,.. the removal of symbols of the previous political state of mind must be removed, forgetten and exorcised from the memory and mind of the masses.

    There is no symbol more important to a peoples political, idiological, or even cultural perceptions than,…. their national flag.

    As Obama and his paymasters in the IMF, The UN, The World Bank, The BIS, Israel, the Perfidious American Corporations and the Fed now assert their complete dominance over the former USA, those treacherous bags of filth must now institute a step-by-step plan of action to remove the symbols of Liberty, Freedom and The US Constitution,.. all of which are embodied in the US Flag,.. hence the need to remove it,.. just as can now be seen repeatidly by Obama himself.

    I have frequently seen that when Barry Soetoro gives a media presentation, the US Flag has been “absent” on many occassions,.. and even the Blue Screen (typical of the Whitehouse Media Room) has been replaced by a yellow backdrop.

    Such is the subtle art of perception manipulation.

    Such is the state of treason, treachery and irrefutable signs that it is time to abolish this most unholy and criminal organization called the US Fed Gov’t,… while we still can.

    JD – US Marine – Still Flying The Stars & Stripes On My Soverign Property, Still Calling It America.

    1. I disagree, JD. Flag flying and flag waving is pushed at every occasion. You see it is all right to wave the flag, so long as it is one of those little plastic military flags made in China.
      It is symbolism as “military”, “plastic”, and “made in China” truly define our country now and marks its jurisdiction.

      1. I hate to admit it but you are right, Henry . Reminds me of them guys playing taps with a tape or some other device in that horn just to make it sound like they are actualy playing the taps. Sick isn`t it !!!!

  2. The reason they’re removing the U.S. flag should be obvious. It’s so the government can eventually begin flying the flag of where their true loyalties lie, the U.N. flag, or even more likely, the Israeli flag.

  3. Hi Mr Shively,

    I’m not sure I understand the nature of your disagreement (??).

    If I understood the point of the article, its that this article was about an agency removing flags from locations where they have been popping up for years, even decades without any such dissent before, by an gov’t agency that never removed flags before.

    As additional support for my contention, I offer the following article about how a Fire Chief in Florida (A Fire Chief mind you) just recently ordered the removal of ALL American flags from fire-trucks (???!!).

    This is exactly the kind of symbolic evisceration (Our National Flag) that I’m talking about, as this is just one example of thousands of such instances occuring across this country everyday now. – JD

    Link: http://whatreallyhappened.com/

    Scroll down to: Jul 16 15:22


    Floridians Protest After Firefighters Ordered to Remove American Flags From Their Trucks.

    By: James

    Residents of Seminole, Florida are outraged after their local firefighters were reportedly told to remove the American flags from their trucks.

    “There was an [order] from a chief to remove all flags from the apparatus”, one of the protesters explained.

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