Flashback: Israeli Firm Chosen To Build Prototype Of US-Mexico Border Wall

Jerusalem Post, September 13, 2017

Elta North America, an Israeli-owned defense manufacturer with US headquarters in Maryland, was one of four companies chosen to build a prototype for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

The company is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries. Some 200 companies vied for the tenders, which will provide a $300,000 to $500,000 grant to develop a model. The tender was announced late last week.  

In total, eight companies are building prototypes for the nearly 200,000-mile-long wall. Four will be concrete and four will have see-through or “smart” walls. Elta was chosen to work on the see-through walls project.

The final project could cost up to $25 billion.

Elta manufactures radar systems and components for branches of the American military. It also provides radar components for the Israeli military, which purchases them using U.S. military aid, which must be spent in the United States.  In its Israeli headquarters, Elta manufactures radar systems for Arrow missiles, the Iron Dome anti-missile system, espionage and fighter jets, according to Ynet.

President Donald Trump has praised Israel for its southern border wall meant to stop African migrants from illegally entering the country.


4 thoughts on “Flashback: Israeli Firm Chosen To Build Prototype Of US-Mexico Border Wall

  1. I believe your statement about the length of the wall is incorrect. a 200,000 Mile long wall would circle the planet several times or be equivalent to 85% of the distance between the earth and the moon (232,000 miles)

    1. Obviously somebody hit a couple extra zeroes, but it came from the Jerusalem Post, so no surprise. Those guys are always adding extra zeroes to everything.

      1. It’s called wall derivatives math, borrowing 200,000 times more for something that is not actually there. We have been doing it for years, the commenter “unknown” above just got a taste of JP Morgan/Chase and their main man, Jamie D.

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