FLIR Discontinues All Civilian Sales

International Sportsman – by Jim Grant

According to an anonymous source that spoke to the BurstReview YouTube channel, FLIR will discontinue civilian sales of optics this Monday, January 20th.

According to BurstReview’s sources, FLIR’s board of directors and shareholders are anti-hunting and believe that only military and law enforcement should have access to thermal optics. This source also stated that FLIR allegedly laid off everyone in their civilian and hunting sales departments. 

The sources stated this was further supported by recent events surrounding Armasight. Allegedly following FLIR’s acquisition of Armasight, they laid off all hunting prostaff and instructed social media personnel to never show any kill shots going forward.

This is very interesting news, and could turn the market against FLIR. Especially given rising tensions between civilians and militarized police that are seen as overstepping their authority.

But this is all hearsay until the alleged reveal date of Monday the 20th. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest information on this and other stories coming out of SHOT Show 2020.

FLIR was contacted and given 48 hours to respond before the publication of this article. If we receive a response the article will be updated.

Update: Multiple retailers are confirming that FLIR has restricted sales to law enforcement and the military.

International Sportsman

9 thoughts on “FLIR Discontinues All Civilian Sales

  1. Anti-hunting my ass. They are just showing their true color, red communists.
    How do you guys like the way the corporations will take your money from the government corporation but not from you, sucking up to the corporate government contract? FLIR and all who work for them are traitors. Guess we’ll have to learn how to build our own night vision, and being as it is Americans doing it for our own purposes, it will be better than theirs. When this is all over they can answer up for their crimes.

    1. They’re against US being able to hunt them. And JR is also spot on about them trying to tip the scales in their favor. Circling their wagons. The big $ is in govt contacts where WE are held at gunpoint to pay the tab for their corporate crony capitalism bought contracts. In a fair market they would have to legitimately compete for our $.

  2. I don’t think this is an isolated incident. I also read elsewhere that the FBI has been seizing all available night vision tubes under “eminent domain” so they’re no longer available to civilians.

    Sounds to me like they’re trying to give themselves an edge in what may soon become a hot war.

    If you want to look for it, I think the article about the night vision tubes was at infowars, but I’m not sure.

    1. I’m sorry — the article about the night vision tubes is a few slots below this one. No need to look elsewhere. I didn’t make it all the way down the page yet.

        1. Well Mike Adams, shill that he is, still has to publish a lot of truth to retain readership / credibility.

          I think is was Goebbels who said “good propaganda is 90% truth”, and that would mean Mr. Adams is honest 90% of the time…..but watch him like a hawk and don’t trust him, because the 10% lies will be about something important.

  3. None of this move is for the good of the people

    Just wonder how long it’s going to take before 70% of we the people see the same light I been watching coming at ya for over 50 fken years !

    It sure as hell ain’t the light at the end of the tunnel
    And if you ain’t ready in heart and mind
    Your ass is going to get left on the tracks

  4. As the tyranny mounts, it becomes more and more evident who the traitors are. In a way they’re doing us a favor.


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