3 thoughts on “FLU – Biological Warfare ATTACK!

  1. I can’t watch the video right now, but I do believe this flu epidemic will be the “Spanish flu” of our day.

    Remember: you’re going to suffer a world war, and economic collapse, and a pandemic all at the same time. (just as had happened in 1917)

    This is the pandemic, the world war is in the works, and the economic collapse is inevitable. They may not all begin at the same time, but you will suffer them all simultaneously.

    The goal is to wear down the population with misery, so they’ll acquiesce to any tyranny that promises relief.

    1. “… this flu epidemic will be the “Spanish flu” of our day.”

      Not to worry, JR.

      I’m just POSITIVE they already have a ‘vaccine’ that’s gonna ‘save us’, don’cha know.

  2. Had the flu it took almost 2 weeks before I left the house . But I was around people who took the flu vac , I just can’t take all they shots I guess I just don’t trust they folks any longer

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