Flukes and Isopropyl – Cancer’s Ultimate Sources

The question to be asking is why push alcohol?

Everything they tell us is a lie.

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Cancer is irreversible and can never be cured — cliché to countless individuals; nevertheless, true in itself. 

People believe that once you acquire this dreaded disease, there’s no way to stop the progress. For most, they think that the only way to at least delay the development is either expose the victim to radiation or administer chemicals to attack each cell in the body. This theory is definitely incorrect.

There is still hope for cancer patients if and only if they follow the right steps to full recovery.

Fact – Cancer is triggered by a certain parasite – the human intestinal fluke. Kill this parasite and you’ll say goodbye to cancer and have your life back.

The Fluke and Isopropyl Alcohol – Deadly Combination

Typically, the fluke parasite can be found in the intestine where it does little to no harm at all. Nevertheless, it’s a different story once it invades other vital organs like the uterus or liver. Once it develops into a fully grown parasite, cancer is more likely to occur.

There is another common component that all cancer patients have – the Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA).

In order for a person to have cancer, he must have both the intestinal fluke and the isopropyl alcohol in his body.

To state, having intestinal fluke within the intestine isn’t that hazardous. However, the isopropyl alcohol has that adverse affect of allowing the parasite to establish in the liver and this becomes  life-threatening.

Flukes –  The Parasite that Brings Cancer

Just like other parasites, the intestinal fluke also undergoes the reproductive cycle. The egg is the first stage where an adult releases millions of it. Normally, these eggs are excreted through bowel movements.

Adult flukes, however, usually stay in the intestine. The dangerous part is when this parasite stays in other vital organs. It can cause cancer when found in the liver and can trigger endometriosis when established in the uterus.

There are also flukes which hatch either in the blood or in the intestine. This is the second stage where eggs become hatchlings and are called miracidia. Though not really a threat; the liver can easily dispose these.

Isopropyl Alcohol – Disabling the Function of the Immune System

Commonly, flukes are not a threat to the human body as they don’t stand a chance against the immune system. Unfortunately, the parasite’s ability to destroy the body strengthens when there is a huge amount of isopropyl alcohol in the system. Too much of this disables the liver to eradicate these harmful parasites.

Isopropyl alcohol enables fluke eggs and hatchlings to reside in the liver and even to other tissues. Furthermore, it weakens the immune system, hence, giving the body less chance to fight the parasite. With the help of isopropyl and having lesser obstacles, flukes can easily replicate in the human body. Hatchlings continue to develop and make small balls called redia within themselves.

The redia produced by the hatchlings can also proliferate into millions and these replications only come from one egg. Imagine the immeasurable balls reproduced by millions of eggs.

Onslaught to the Human Body Continues

With a weakened immune system triggered by a huge amount of isopropyl alcohol, nothing can stop the parasite from laying millions of eggs wherever the cancer is growing. This can be in the lungs, breasts, prostate glands and other vital organs.

The multiplication of the balls produced by the hatchlings continues from generation to generation. They establish in various organs until they change their shape and develop a tail to be able to swim. During this stage, they are known as cercaria.

The cercaria will find a tissue or organ to attach itself. Once done, the tail disappears and a ‘cocoon’ is formed. The cercaria turns into a metacercaria and develops a thick shell around itself for protection. If the person has a high amount of isopropyl alcohol, this solvent helps in the removal of the fluke’s last barrier, thus, the parasite’s life cycle is completed ANYWHERE IN THE BODY.

As the parasite becomes an adult, the human body is greatly compromised when the stage is completed in the liver instead of the intestine. The adult fluke will then suck and drain the nutrients in the body. Moreover, it develops orthophosphotyrosine, a lethal growth factor that enable cells to divide rapidly. Now, the person has cancer.

Once there is orthophosphotyrosine, malignancy becomes prevalent. It is then imperative to kill the parasite as soon as possible to prevent it from devouring the body.

Fight Cancer, Destroy the Parasite

Fortunately, orthophosphotyrosine can be eliminated once the fluke, regardless of its stage, has been killed. Once attained, malignancy will be cured. Although you may need time to repair the damaged tissues, the good news is that you no longer have cancer and you’ve finally won the battle.

Generally, 3 things must be done:

  1. Eliminate the parasite regardless of its stage;
  2. Prevent your body from absorbing isopropyl alcohol; and
  3. Flush out other toxins, bacteria and metals from your body to achieve full recovery.

A physician or an oncologist would always prescribe you with various synthetic drugs to fight the cancer in your body. Nevertheless, many cancer patients have no idea of the adverse reactions which are always possible in every synthetic medication. Such effects include: nausea and vomiting, headache, fatigue, dizziness and even dangerous drug interactions.

Herbal Remedies – Hit 100 Parasites with One Stone

According to studies, eczema is triggered by roundworms. Ascaris reaching the brain can cause seizure and can even bring asthma when found in the lungs. Other parasites can also give you diabetes, migraines, acne and even heart diseases.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a single drug known to eradicate all these parasites at once. Synthetic drugs can even give you side effects and a large dose can damage your vital organs.

However, did you know that herbal remedy can shed light to those who want their cancer cured without suffering the dreaded side effects?

According to research, there are three known herbs that eradicate more than 100 kinds of parasites minus the side effects. These are:

  1. Wormwood – From the Artemisia shrub;
  2. Black Walnut Hulls – Derived from the black walnut tree; and
  3. Common Cloves – From the clove tree.

Be reminded that all three herbs must be used in one treatment. Wormwood and black walnut hulls are known to rid the body of adult parasites. On the other hand, cloves to kill the eggs. Without such, the eggs will still develop and become adults. Therefore, it’s necessary to use the three simultaneously.

Vital Things You Need

  • 30 ml bottle of Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength (pale green), equivalent to six teaspoons, would suffice for three weeks provided you’re not very sick.
  • bottle of Wormwood capsules where each capsule has 200 to 300 mg of Wormwood. You can also acquire ½ cup of Artemisia leaves from a neighbor’s shrub.
  • bottle of fresh ground Cloves where each capsule has 400 to 500 mg of Cloves.

These healthy herbs are extremely important in order to cure cancer. When following a parasite program, these can last during the first 18 days.

Also, it is highly recommended to add arginine and ornithine in your recipe. Parasites are known to release ammonia which can be toxic to the body. It can cause anxiety and sleep deprivations.

Taking ornithine at bedtime can promote better sleep. Moreover, arginine can decrease the effects of ammonia. Just make sure to take it in the morning as it promotes alertness and provides additional supply of energy.

In the End, It’s Your Choice

It’s time to relinquish the statement that cancer cannot be cured. The truth is – it can be stopped; but in the end, it’s your choice, it’s your decision.


12 thoughts on “Flukes and Isopropyl – Cancer’s Ultimate Sources

  1. I never use those hand sanitizers. I do not have isopropyl alcohol in my house.
    I do have food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) which I dilute with distilled water. I carry a small spray bottle of the diluted H2O2 when I am out and about. Once I return home I use good old fashioned bar soap to wash my hands.

    1. Where does one get such peroxide, and please don’t say Amazon?
      When asked around here, the local response is, “What? No. Why do you want that?”

      1. Any hydroponics shop. That’s where I’ve bought it. Cheaper in the long run than single bottles. I wash clothes in h2O2.

    2. Mary you made my day…glad to know NOT to use Isopropyl Alcohol, which I had been using for various reasons. Wow! Guess I will carry peroxide instead. I use Kirk’s hard water soap, the water is very hard here in far west Texas.

      1. Most everything they tell us is a lie. I’m glad I saw that post. I also linked this article over at HighImpactVlogs

  2. So everyone, from the CDC to the local grocer, is stating “use hand sanitizers with at least 65% alcohol to protect against corona virus” and thereby millions are going to absorb high amounts of this into their bodies. Will we see a huge uptick in cancer after this is all said and done? I’ve been using this tincture for years every fall and spring after I was diagnosed with cancer twice in different areas of my body. I am a big believer in the power of God’s remedies. Thank you for posting this for those who may be dealing with an extreme illness. God bless.

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