Fmr Israeli PM Naftali Bennett Begs Israelis Not to Leave

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is begging Israelis not to flee the country despite the “difficult” times.

Bennett wrote on Twitter (as translated by Google):

Do not leave the country.

Yesterday a brilliant software engineer I know told me that they are leaving Israel for a country in Europe before the start of the upcoming school year.

It made me very sad.

True, we are in the most difficult period since the War of Independence:
Shuffle in the war, international boycotts, damage to deterrence, 120 Israelis in captivity, thousands of bereaved families, abandoned Galilee, thousands of evacuees, ministers who only care about themselves, loss of control over the economy and the deficit.

All true.
But unequivocally we are capable—and we will get out—of this pit.
This situation is not destiny.

But there is one thing that worries me in particular:
Talks about leaving the country.

This must not happen.
We need all the talent and dedication of the people of Israel just *to* get out of the pit and relaunch Israel.

I have no doubt that with proper active action, of renewal, a sort of restart for Israel,
The next 50 years will be years of rebuilding, creative joy, security and growth.

It will happen much faster than you imagine,
Because we are a people that knows how to get up quickly from a hard blow.

Remember: a total of 3 years (!) after the terrible Holocaust, we established the State of Israel.

Who wants to return to the days of the wandering Jew, without real freedom, without a state, subject to every anti-Semitic whim?

Therefore, not Cyprus, not Portugal, not New Jersey or Australia.

stay here,
And Israel was created anew.

The Israeli government revealed a week ago that over 550,000 Israelis have fled the country since October 7.

“[Times of Israel] said that what might have been a temporary escape for Israelis during the war or technical difficulties in returning has now turned into a permanent trend or permanent migration,” TRT World reported.

This is just further evidence that despite tough talk — Israel is losing the war.

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