Football fans defy mask mandate and pack into crowded bars and restaurants on the eve of the big game

Daily Mail

Football fans had already begun the tailgating party on Saturday night as they gathered outside of Raymond James Stadium and camped out ahead of Super Bowl LV.

Videos posted to social media showed RVs and tents set up as music blared from around 9pm on Saturday night.

Groups of people were filmed gathered around fire pits and set up to celebrate with less than 24 hours to go until the game.

Earlier in the night, a firework show with a pirate theme had continued the celebrations that began on Friday night with a party hosted by rapper 50 Cent.

Fireworks and lasers erupted from a pirate ship anchored in the Hillsborough River in tribute to the hometown heroes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pictures posted to social media showed crowds gathered on boats to watch the show or packed together on the Riverwalk, many of whom weren’t wearing masks despite the city’s mandate.

See the pics here:

7 thoughts on “Football fans defy mask mandate and pack into crowded bars and restaurants on the eve of the big game

  1. Ahh, the stupor bowl. That special time of year when ‘muricans can rally around the only thing unique about our Nation../s

    Wish they had so much fervor for, um, you know, that thing about their Rights and freedom instead of an intentionally distractive $hekel making bread and circuses sportsball game.

    1. Martist, you beat me to it. I was going to say the same damn thing. LOL.

      The morons will give up everything, but don’t you dare mess with their Superbowl event.

      As my father used to say years and years ago, “If a terrorist wanted to bomb a city, the perfect time would be during the Superbowl because no one, not even the police, will respond to the call.”

      It’s pathetic, but true.

      No different than the people cheering in the Roman Colosseum back in the day, as Rome probably burned.

      1. He was right, they would be transfixed on the games and never see a thing. Fortunately there would be no loss of life, NC.

  2. I just found out the stands will be mostly full of……………….. Cardboard cutouts!?

    1. OMG!! And 30,000 cut-outs, I read. They want to make us insignificant. We, who are real human beings, authentic, with blood rushing through our veins, flesh and bone – they will NEVER be rid of us!! And every day, we’re more and more in their face, making touchdowns for humanity. No more fumbling. The goal-posts are flying The Bill of Rights flag. It’s tie score right now, the people vs the communists, with the people having a huge advantage: Our quarterback is Article 2. You can see us huddling in the end-zone formulating our plans to intercept the agenda and win the game. Everyone is allowed to scream, cheer, hug, celebrate!!!!



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