4 thoughts on “Former deputy tells people what to do during a traffic stop

  1. But how do we deal with them when they are not compliant with the law, nor the constitution? Get tazed and dropped on your damn head, for trying to assert your rights.

    1. Exactly. It’s real easy for a couple of (probably Jewish) lawyers to explain your rights and how to exercise them, but their efforts will most likely result in patriots getting the crap beaten out of them.

      It’s important to stand up for your rights, because people not doing so is how we lost them, but I think we’re at a different stage of the game now, where this advice will only get you beaten up, and identified as one of the enemies of communism.

      Ten or twenty years ago this was important, but now there’s an effort to identify patriots, and this advice may be part of it. If the lawyers are Jewish, it’s probably the case.

      Cops are beating the crap out of people for exercising their rights all over the country, and now all of a sudden, a bunch of lawyers appear on the scene to encourage the behavior that gets people tazed, and beaten, and identified as troublemakers.

      It seems just a little bit suspicious to me, because the trampling of our rights isn’t new. Advice that will get patriots beaten up is.

      I always advise patriots to law low, and wait for the real war. Be a good commie at the traffic stop, get away without incident, and stockpile more ammo when you get home.

  2. Unfortunately, we are at the point where exercising your rights will likely get you pulled out of your vehicle, tazed, and beaten down by a mob of these gestapo thugs. What absolutely disgusts me to no end is knowing that the illegality of what these “enforcers” do is allowed to continue in our nation. When the Republic is restored, these “laws” will be removed and the lawyers that created them will be hung with hemp rope.

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