Fort Pierce Bomb Shelter: Florida’s ‘Ultimate Man Cave’ Could Be Yours For $499,500

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Like an institutional hobbit hole, the graduated block facade breaks from the ground, rising up and over a massively thick set of blast doors.

The spires of an underground ventilation system reach through a packed mound of earth.

And what lies beneath is one of the most intriguing parcels of real estate in South Florida: a sprawling 1967 atomic bomb shelter built by AT&T, designed to keep five Floridians alive — and communications systems running — for 30 days in the event of a disaster. speculates this temple of doomsday scenarios may soon become the “ultimate man cave” for a buyer willing to meet the $499,500 asking price.

So does the listing agent.

“It has so much potential,” longtime Treasure Coast realtor Hoyt C. Murphy told AOL Real Estate. “People have been looking to repurpose it as a home, which has its challenges. Some people see it as the ultimate man cave. It could also be a storage space.” 

The shelter, which sprawls behind 30″ reinforced concrete walls, stretches for some 7,000 square feet. Reports Zillow:

Unlike a fallout shelter that protects from radioactive debris, the main purpose of the building was to protect from shock waves and overpressure. Upon entering the bunker, decontamination showers greet visitors and lead into a massive room with 17-foot-high ceilings.Murphy says the original design plans were recently discovered, showing how the property was rigged with 200-kilowatt generators, massive air-intake tunnels and a custom ventilation system to be used in the face of disaster. Even though the property was vandalized after it was abandoned as a bomb shelter in the ’80s, there are still remnants of the Cold War era, such as canned sugar and milk solids.

Unfortunately for creative buyers, the bunker’s a bit of a fixer upper: none of the equipment functions, according to the listing, and there is no functioning power in the building.

But according to Murphy, interested parties remain undaunted: “A week or so ago, we had some preppers from South Florida Survivalist Group,” he said, “but probably the more practical use we’ve had is things such as antique car storage.”

8 thoughts on “Fort Pierce Bomb Shelter: Florida’s ‘Ultimate Man Cave’ Could Be Yours For $499,500

  1. The bunker looks well-built, but the rations look questionable. You would need to live there like an armed rat-in-the-box, and never venture more than 20-minutes from its location to assure you weren’t locked out when the blast-doors closed. There are now several thousand people who also know this bunker’s location, and know that the facility will be stocked with food when SHTF Day arrives. It would be hard to maintain a low profile, and the possibility of a sink-hole exists! But the toilet has springs to protect you when the bunker hits the bottom of the sink hole. lol

    I toured an ATT Long Lines switching station facility once for a job interview in 1973. I’m sure that most of us have driven by one of these facilities, but never took notice. The underground floors of the building are EMP and nuke bomb-proof, and the above-ground level has no windows. On a lower-level they have a turbine engine powered generator with enough fuel to maintain their facility if power service is lost. When the fuel runs-out, they have rows of immense battery storage racks.

    I have no idea if this how a common ATT Long Lines facility still functions when there becomes a need for “emergency continuation of ATT services”. They also have miles of World-wide coaxial cables if microwave communication towers get knocked-out. This tour showed me that ATT and the Government took the Cold War very seriously.

    This is why I contend that a USA citizen’s biggest nuclear threat is our treasonous politicians and, the International powers imbedded in our Government’s branches of power. TPTB would be stupid enough to shit where they eat, and insane enough to push the red nuclear detonator button to eliminate any perceived foreign or domestic threat.

    Life imitating art: Dr. Strangelove.

  2. The ‘conspiracy’ rumors that government/corporate officials have underground bunkers to which to run in case of nuclear strike, make me laugh. I mean, can you imagine being locked into an underground prison with the likes of TrickyDickyCheney? or GWBoosh? or Mrs.Obummer? After 1 day these idiots would be scratching the walls and hurling insults. Nuclear disaster seems a cakewalk compared to being locked in underground with the likes of these flaming egotists.

    1. NOT bunkers. They have entire cities underground.

      And if you seriously think THAT’S a conspiracy, you’re posting on the wrong site. They’re called DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), and they’re well documented.

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