Fourth graders learn to own their ‘white privilege’ – thanks to Common Core-aligned lesson

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MUSKEGON, Mich. – We at EAGnews recently purchased a series of teaching guides that an untold number of American schools are using – or will soon begin using – to teach the new Common Core national standards in math and English.

The guides were produced by the Zaner-Bloser company. We wanted to examine these teaching materials to get a better idea about the values and ideological perspectives that school children will be influenced by.  

These values and ideologies will have a long term impact – good or bad – on the way the upcoming generation of Americans thinks and believes.

We looked at guides designed to teach literature and writing skills to students in grades one through six. The guides feature different texts promoted and approved by Common Core experts, and they include week-long lessons for each text.

This guide is for 4th grade teachers, and it contains texts and lessons that have the common theme of “Meeting Challenges.”

This particular lesson is based on a book called “The Jacket.” The Zaner-Bloser folks obviously consider this an important book because they designed a two-week lesson plan for it.

The story centers around a young white boy named Phil who wrongly accuses an African-American student of stealing his brother’s jacket.

It’s a fun little book about racism and white privilege – a left-wing concept that teaches African Americans the values of American society are designed to benefit white people.

The phrase “white privilege” is never used in the book, and you may be thinking that I’m just reading too much into it.

Surely Dr. Marguerite Parks of the University of Wisconsin – speaking at the 2013 CREATE Wisconsin teacher conference – would prove me wrong. But as you can see in the above video, this “multicultural” educator is the genesis for this analysis, not me.

So now 4th graders are looking into their souls to see their “white privilege.”

This is Common Core-inspired social education.

One thought on “Fourth graders learn to own their ‘white privilege’ – thanks to Common Core-aligned lesson

  1. The culture has become so twisted, distorted, and manipulated to the point there are no commonly shared values, no real agreement on anything at all. This has been carefully engineered to come out this way, so there will be less chance of the whole population being united, or even a significant part of it united. The 1% must keep the 99% constantly confused and disunited for the 1% to win. They must also keep the 99% without leadership, because that would also lead to organization.

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