Frangible Bullets

My nephew managed to get one of the frangible bullets pulled out without breaking it. The powder looked good and burned clean. He then had his son put the bullet in a plastic baggie and hit it with a hammer. What you see in his hand is what we got.

The smaller pieces are what looked like dirt in the gun I was firing them in. The bullets had to be shattering before they got out of the barrel of the gun and that is what made the gun look like it had been dropped in pumice dirt with the slide open.

After twenty-five rounds had been put through the gun, it was so gummed up that the slide wouldn’t go back far enough to cock the gun and chamber another round.

These frangible bullets will get you killed, so watch for them.

The rest of what I have, I will pull the bullet and replace them with lead core bullets as the powder seems good and the report of the gun for the rounds that fired had a good pop and they were consistent.

4 thoughts on “Frangible Bullets

  1. Thanks for the heads up.
    Looks like Clay.
    I don’t use it, but who knows what will be picked up during Bill of Rights enforcement.

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