3 thoughts on “Freedom is not Free | A Soldier’s Pledge

  1. Bullshit wars do not lead to or protect freedom. One war resulted in somewhat freedom, at least the text books say but I can only wonder on that too. What wars have done is destroyed countries, set up dictators, brought huge debts to nations they could ill afford and is a pretty good population controller. I hate war and I do not respect anyone that would kill for any reason other than to protect him or herself and others right here.

    War is a racket and each time I hear shit like this I go insane and start screaming…..You fools stop buying this blather and see war for what it really is.

  2. Now if soldiers could free the American people from our slavery
    to “The Crown” City of London by the Crown legal system.

  3. Although I agree entirely with the last comment because I think that I relate to the premise from which he/she is speaking, Reagan’s words as so stated herein speak to me and I agree with him as to what we as a nation of people are about. As he said freedom and the ability of the individual man to make things and build what was recognized at that time to be life changing not only for us here, but the rest of the world also. His speeches, most of which I heard live, were always uplifting and encouraging in the nature and spirit of what we true patriots believe in. I agree that these deaths of fallen soldiers, were needless. The cost/price of their lives went into the pockets of the war mongers. Every one of us has been deceived and acted, believing that we were doing what was right. These actions were done in belief of some cause that was worth risking life and limb and not for any type of personal gain. Whether the cause believed in was true or not, many who died, and many who survived went forward into the battle, because they believed in a cause. This cause is epitomized in our flag which epitomizes freedom and justice for all. We are Americans as he said… It’s the message, the words spoken that is important and should be heeded when spoken like he spoke these in his speech. He was just one man like you or I. So his words from that point of view are equal to yours or mine. But, as the sitting president at that time, compared to what we hear coming out of the mouths of our latest presidents, this speech is a breath of fresh air. Aside from the hidden machinations of war and needless death for profit wars, Reagan spoke alot of reality in his speech. He was obviously not going along with the puppet masters. But, you can’t have it both ways. You can only serve one. But, for some, mammon doesn’t satisfy. For what shall it profit you if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul! I as one, won’t blow off this message. The folding of the flag herein done so precisely that was done so with respect and honor of that fallen one, represented for me, all that we are about. Life is about detail.Detail isn’t random. Detail is built and designed with a purpose in mind. It represents something. It symbolizes an ideology. An idea, a way of life and or ideas/thoughts one believes in and thus subjects oneself to. If, that is magnanimous, then all effected aren’t hurt or disenfranchised. Anyone can take such a message as Reagan gave and criticize it based upon Reagan giving it, but, I’m saying forget that and hear what he is saying as if it came out out any ones mouth. Truth is truth no matter who speaks it. Be well all of you.

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