FRISCO CARE-NOW AREA: Was it Real or just a Staged Fear-mongering Show?

nc 1Immediately after hearing about the patient, Sgt. Michael Monnig, in Frisco yesterday afternoon and how they had people escorting him out wearing hazmat suits, I took it upon myself to go to the location 301 W Main St. (since it was only about 10-15 minutes away from me) to check it out for myself to see if it was real or not. After arriving there around 5:30pm, I was expecting to see police cars lined up for a half a mile, quarantines, checkpoints and even people in hazmat suits.

I saw NONE of this. All that was there were a few news vehicles and a helicopter (most likely a news helicopter) circling the sky. THAT’S IT!  

Besides your normal rush hour traffic, I did not see one police car, one ambulance, nor one fire engine. Not even CDC, people in hazmat outfits or even cleanup crews. As a matter of fact, the place was still open for business and even people in the plaza were outside the restaurants, eating dinner on the patios as though nothing has ever happened. You wouldn’t even know anything happened unless someone told you.


nc 2



Below are five earlier photos taken from Channel 8 News

A patient exhibiting "signs and symptoms of Ebola"


Notice the person in the hazmat suit escorting the patient (Sgt. Michael Monnig), yet you have a guy standing on the right side in the foreground CLEARLY without any protective gear on. Does that make any sense to anyone if it is supposed to be so contagious?

Notice this guy wearing no protective gear looking at the tire of his medical task force mobile.

This is what I saw when I arrived around 5:30pm. Guess I was late for the show.


As I drove through the plaza, I passed by the Channel 5 and Channel 11 News vans as shown below. As you can see, none of them had any protective gear on and were reporting as if it was just another day.  For a disease that is supposed to be so highly contagious, you’d think there would be more security and protection, right? Nope! Not here. Just another day in Frisco.






Yep. Channel 11 News. “Coverage you can count on”. What a crock.

Time for another show! How’s the lighting?



Yep, this guy obviously has no worries about getting infected.

We even have a T39: Telmundo (Spanish News) van with a guy standing outside the parking lot, talking on his cellphone.




Hmm…What to do…What to do…



It’s hot out. I’m going to go take a short walk.


As you can see, whatever was going on, if the mainstream media tries to tell you that the patient was contagious and the area was contaminated and it needed to be decontaminated and we should all be worried, you can see from my photos that were taken later on in the afternoon, that it’s all baloney and there’s not even so much as a N95 mask or protective gloves. It’s all fear-mongering.

As I was returning home down Main St., I passed by the Frisco Fire Station. As you can see, there were more news agencies parked out front to do another report. Once again, no protective gear and I only noticed ONE empty police van in the parking lot.



So there you have it from my end, people. Sorry I didn’t get to the area earlier.

But as I said, it seemed to be just another day in the Dallas region.

Word of the wise: Don’t believe what the MSM tells you, even if they say it’s a deadly disease that’s going to kill us all.

By the way, I’m still healthy and moving around.

Who knows? Maybe that patient was exhibiting similar symptoms of Ebola, but these pictures and the way they are supposedly handling things make no sense for someone who is supposed to be or even possibly be contagious.

To me it seems that the mainstream media and government are trying to hype this Ebola crap way out of proportion. Just one sneeze and the mainstream media and everyone else seem to wanna jump on the Ebola bandwagon, just like they did with gun control and the Sandy Hoax. It’s all staged fear-mongering.

So in other words, DON’T believe it unless you see it for yourself.


2 thoughts on “FRISCO CARE-NOW AREA: Was it Real or just a Staged Fear-mongering Show?

  1. Thanks for posting NC! I didn’t know about this. LOL…channels 5 and 11 really went out big time for a non-story. Yep you said it when you said “It’s all staged fear-mongering.”

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