From the Trenches World Report will be Removed from the Net….NOT!

Update: We have done the research and these two bit grifters are going to rue the day they stumbled upon the Trenches…and the law.

The Trenches is not going anywhere.    


Last night we were awoken from our sleep by a pounding on the door.  Having children away from home, the worst thoughts always come to mind.  But it was not a cop to tell us our children were hurt or dead, it was a process server who served us with this lawsuit:


You will see myself and ten other unknowns named as defendants, which I guess goes to show that Laura and I have been doing the work of ten people for a long time.

This is not about money, this is about shutting the website down, as Laura and I are indigenous and quite frankly have nothing to take.

I will of course address this issue to the best of my ability.

We have had issues like this in the past as you all well know, but with the multitude of internet and mail scams that go unaddressed, we cannot catch everything.

From the Trenches is a huge site, with over 77,000 articles.

Now, this fella making the complaint did not contact us through email to ask for the picture to be removed, we just got an open letter in the mail one day demanding removal and payment for the first picture.  We of course removed the entire article immediately, in reference to the first picture.  But in subsequent mailings, this person’s attorney kept sending us a bill for thousands of dollars for the picture having been on the site.

As I have previously stated, we are impoverished.  We have nothing to take, so when after a year or so we received yet another correspondence from this person’s attorney, we assumed it was yet another bill for thousands of dollars for content we had removed immediately upon notification.  But evidently there was a second Rembrandt that had been published.

The service of the complaint last night was the first certified notification that we received, and of course the content with the second Rembrandt came down right away.  But, as previously stated, this is not about money as we are indigent and all our possessions combined would not pay for the cost of the creation of the document served to us.

As you all well know, most of the advertisements were removed from From the Trenches after the Judeo-Christians and various Jewish organizations went after our advertisers and threatened them with attacks on their own businesses.  The only advertising left on From the Trenches is the smut pop up ads that produce little to no revenue.  Last month through advertising we took in a grand total of $350.72.   Again, this is not about money, as the only way we have been able to keep the site up for the last few years is through donations.

It was discussed some years back that this technique we are facing would be used to remove content such as From the Trenches World Report from the internet.

We did a search to see what From the Trenches World Report is worth.  Here are the results in the order they came up: $21,369, $7,007, $6,072, $50,722,234, and $7,031.  (I don’t know how they got the $50 million one but I’ll take it right now if someone will give it me, I’ll give this Rembrandt fella $150,000 and retire.)  The six to seven thousand dollar ones are the most recurrent, but even this amount is more than the combined worth of everything else we own.  Again, this is not about money.

When we first came under attack back in around 2012, we were notified by email out of Chicago, Illinois, you know where Obama held his inauguration in his hometown, that the site would be removed, just cuz.  The removal of From the Trenches from Google News three days later had almost accomplished the task.

This attack is coming out of New Jersey.  That is Trump’s hometown, isn’t it?

Over the years, we have had requests to remove material and we have complied immediately.  Once the site was shut down by what we later proved was accomplished through a false affidavit.  No matter, as the people who want the site gone are above the law.  Oh, what the hell am I saying, there is no law.

As you can see in the complaint, we have a huge operation with ten employees.  We must, because there is no f-king way one man and his wife could do this much work.  Again, this is not about the money and it is not about the copyright.  A simple notification to our server would have precipitated a simple notification to us and the content would have been removed immediately.

In the past couple of years, I have gotten a phone call about every six to eight months, telling me there is a law suit against my wife.  Other Trenchers have experienced the calls from those claiming to be from the IRS.  There is so much rampant fraud that to take anything but notarized notification or a notification from our server as legit is just foolishness.

One would think that anyone considering filing a lawsuit against us would at minimum do a credit check to see if there were any assets to be taken.  I tell you, the cost of the construction of this administrative law document is more than the worth of everything we own.  Again, we are impoverished and they have to know this.  The target is the website.

There was much discussion some years back that this is how the websites the f-king Jews wanted removed would be removed.

I will be filing an answer, but I don’t think it is going to be the one they are expecting.  It will be correct in law, but it will not matter, as the common law courts that our true founders put in place for us to protect ourselves from the power of wealth are removed.

I will not be doing any broadcasts.  As you guys well know, Laura and I, doing the work of evidently ten individuals, simply must stop to address this issue, but all filings will be posted and as we are indigent, the cost for transportation and filing fees will be a hardship on top of a hardship.

Laura and I work on the site seventy to eighty hours a week.  At minimum wage for the state of Oregon, that would come to $83,850 gross for one year.  The total income from advertising on From the Trenches in 2017 was $11,793.36.

To pretend that we are doing the work we are doing for commercial profit is ludicrous on its face.  We have dedicated seven years of our lives, living in abject poverty, to inform our fellow American nationals what has been done to us all, to teach the Bill of Rights, show the fraudulent federal corporate government for exactly what it is, and our greatest sin, to dare to prove that our country has been and is run by the foreign state of Israel.

We promised our people we would never waver from the truth, right up until the day the site was removed because of that truth, and we are going to have to neglect the site to a large degree long enough to declare our rights, which will once again be violated because there is no law, because there is no united States of the Americas, there is only a United States corporate monster that is in reality a totalitarian military dictatorship under the control of a foreign nation, which has expressly claimed us as property through the 14th Amendment to their corporate charter, created in violation of the 9th Article of our people’s Bill of Rights.

Again, we will post all filings so our people can see how the United States Corporation seized the internet belonging to the American nationals and turned it over to their communist allies in China for the purpose of its removal as the major threat it has become to the ongoing international fraud.

I knew as we turned the pressure up at some point they would come back at us.  I knew the time was growing near when they attacked me personally in reference to my medical treatment.

There is no law and there will be no law again until the American nationals drive the foreign occupation out of this country and reestablish the people’s authority.

Do not be discouraged, we have put a hell of a hurting on them or they would not be going to these lengths.  Continue to show everyone you encounter the truth.  Teach them their Bill of Rights.  Show them the coup of 1868 and let them know what lies in store if they continue to sit on their asses and ignore it.

Until I can find time to communicate with you again, Freedom and Liberty bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we will prevail.

88 thoughts on “From the Trenches World Report will be Removed from the Net….NOT!

  1. Henry and Laura. My prayers and continued support are with you always. I will send what I can to help out, and I know your story is not about asking for funding, but about the egregious threat to freedom. Yet funding will certainly help in this fight.

    Reading your words just put a deep sadness in my soul, but you ask us to not be discouraged. Thank you for that. I will keep looking up and toward better days, especially for you both who have sacrificed so much.

    Much Love And Appreciation,


    1. ps: It just occurred to me that I hope any who visit this From The Trenches site knows that no one is doing what Henry and Laura are doing. NO ONE. They are THE BEACON.


  2. Going to share this article on GAB. I have always appreciated the honesty and effort you have put into helping Truth find a way to be heard.

  3. Words cannot express the deep sorrow that you and your contributors have created, the only site that tells and explains it like it is, and now to be destroyed.

  4. Henry and Laura,
    I do not have the words at this moment….but, please know….
    Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers…
    Donations will still be sent.
    American Nationals—Brother and Sister….Thank you for all you have taught me and so many others….
    The Bill of Rights and Common Law.

    Love you both!


  5. Well my day was actually going rather well till I read this, damn those f-kers who are trying to shut the site down to hell! This just shows you are doing something right Henry.

  6. Just another reason I NEVER use anything but copyright-free/royalty-free images anywhere relating to my OmegaBooks sites or book covers.

    Looking at the suit document I see some inconsistencies, such as the fact that you removed the articles when asked to (or commanded to), nor is it up to news aggregators to post copyrights for images in articles originally posted elsewhere (I don’t imagine you simply made up the articles yourself, Henry, you had to have posted the article as was posted on another news site as is. So, either you didn’t know who “owned” the pix or figured it was just a repost of an already posted article linked to. So, now if we link to articles we have to attribute copyright for photos? So is this dude gonna go after me because I allow you to post ads for my books thinking I’m not suing you for Copyright infringement? Being facetious, but still…) Interesting since I don’t see other news aggregators posting copyrights of videos they post below article links and getting sued for not posting copyrights…is anyone suing Alex Jones? Mike Adams? Mike Rivero? Dr. Eowyn? etc etc. I didn’t think so. So yes, this is about removing the ONLY outstanding news site exposing the truth on the internet.

    I once had a site (OmegaZine) back in the late 90s-early 2000s that posted a lot of copyrighted material from a book called “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: the Story of the Committee of 300”–well, some Danish law firm threatened to sue me for copyright infringement on behalf the author (I forgot his name), so I removed the entire article and explained why on the site, and nothing happened. I guess they figured they couldn’t get a dime out of me (and I ran a sole prop operation with no ad revenue). Again, that is why I refuse to post revenue-generating adson my sites…that way, the Talmudists have no excuse to sue this anti-Talmud, anti-Christian Zionism true believer in Christ.

    I will send what I can in the coming week or so. And thanks again for posting the links to my books, esp. the free e-book PDF–most of the downloads of this book are due to referrals from FTTWR. Just another reason I cannot do without this site being up. I will now pray for this site to remain standing, ads or no ads.

  7. I still will send my brother 50 a week until I drop dead, or loose my job, we will still vacation and have a life, Henry and Laura mean everything too me, that’s how we roll.

    Henry is the brother I never had, Laura and Henry gave us so much, I will never forget the sacrafice.

    These assholes can kiss my ass.

  8. Prayers sent for your defense and for your ability to litigate in the truth to stop this lawsuit and to counter sue.
    Henry you have taught me everything I know about how our true founders intended these united States to function and that is priceless and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I wish I had money to help yall in this endeavor but im in the same broken boat as you are. I think I’ve been black listed in the work force field because I speak my mind about this enemy force in occupation of our government and have lost jobs over it. I haven’t worked in 8 months.
    When the time comes “I am the bill of rights” force majeure mf is what I will yell as I shoot the communists in the face!
    Thank you Henry, Laura and all the trenchers.

  9. If there any artist out there sympathetic to our cause, please draw a poster so it can be posted somewhere and everywhere. Make it to the point, make these assholes pay.


  11. I always go 100% quiet before I fight. If this site and your voice goes quiet, then we know we are getting close to the real fight coming….

    We trenchers must clone off the archives and distribute everywhere possible.

    As Galen stated our continued support for you folks will be maintained,

    Henry, Please make a main post on the site with your mailing address for all, so that we can help as much as can by mail, as I assume links won’t be functioning at some point.

    I often wonder where the wealthy individuals are who may listen in or monitor FTTWR and how they refuse to support this endeavor and the truth to all our people via this venue. If I was wealthy enough, it would already be done.

    I implore any such “Patriot” of means out there who reads this, to step up and help fund this site and assist the Shively’s while they are under attack.

    wtf else can I say………………..DTTNWO and all who serve it…… every fkn level……….

  12. Here I figured, was the only site they would not f-k with.
    Slimeball colostomy bags-o-shit, we must be getting too close.
    Back to old-time print? I’m in!!

  13. This is a sad day, indeed.

    Henry, and Laura, I’d like to thank you both for your Herculean efforts to save this country. You’ve made a big difference, by sharing tons of important knowledge with countless Americans.

    It’s sad to see this site get taken down, but we always knew it was a target. The question is; who’s going to pick up the torch and carry it further?

    If I knew how to operate a website I’d already have one, but there are millions of Americans who are adept at these things, and there’s a pressing need for their services right now. It’s about time Henry and Laura had a vacation anyway. Preserving and teaching the Bill of Rights is all of our duty, and there are many out there capable of helping. (I’ll help with some writing)

    Please tell me that the preservation of truth and freedom were not dependent upon only Henry and Laura; there are hundreds of millions of Americans who’s lives depend on the Bill of Rights being restored. (how many do you estimate the commies will drag to the ditch?)

    We should all give Henry and Laura all the help and support we can (which they deserve), but at the same time, we’re going to have to find people who can try to do what they did.

    I’ve written about 50 of the 77,000 articles mentioned, and they’re all in the public domain. NO RIGHTS RESERVED. They can be re-printed in their entirety anywhere, and used to further our cause by anyone.

    1. Jolly, FTT ain’t gone yet, and I envision it remaining, even if there’s a temporary break. Glass half full.

      And I agree, Jolly, all have to do what they can, but with Henry, we’re dealing not with one in a million, but more like one in a billion. I refer mostly to his ability to break things down and articulate them with full understanding and full conviction. I have never heard anyone articulate The Bill of Rights like Henry does. I’ve never heard anyone explain The Common Law and Procedural Due Process like he does, either. Sure, we all must give it our best shot, but this is like an Olympic team ready for the final competition and its star athlete isn’t there in the same way he’s always been.

      I just gotta give Henry his just due, and Laura at his side also. They are a force of nature facing whatever comes with bravery and deep intelligence.

      Henry said this today:

      “I will show you exactly how to go after these f#@kers. I will document each filing and explain it to the fact and they will back away from us or commit blatant, in your face, sedition and treason on the front page of From the Trenches World Report before it goes down.”

      This is the clarity and conviction of our star athlete.


      1. Galen, there’s nothing stopping Henry from sharing his skills on a new site, but considering the legal mess, it should probably be owned by someone else.

        1. Also … .look at the hours he and Laura put into this. The man needs a goddamn vacation already. He has grandkids to play with, deer to hunt, and should have the time to pursue other things in his life besides fighting a battle that belongs to all of us.

          Yes, he’s one in a million, or one in a billion if you prefer, but he’s passed on enough knowledge for others to pick up some of the work load.

          Think you can to this for 80 hrs. per week?

          1. Of course, all his decisions are, as always, up to him, but I do not see a suitable replacement on the horizon. And yes, we have his body of work to draw on, and he is ever encouraged to take breaks or stop if necessary. I just needed to point that a champion is a champion. Rare, seasoned, noble, tenacious, integrity-driven. Rare.


  14. My first reaction would be criminal to state in a forum.
    My second reaction is to gather more intel and proceed with the ideas not enumerated in my first reaction.
    But im reactionary.

    This site and it’s steadfast commitment to the truth has been a mainstay in my day for the better part of 9 years.
    Henry and Laura’s unwavering devotion to this site and its readers stand second to none.

    Please keep us updated even if its from donation or login emails. Let us know what type of help you need.

    1. I am not Ammon Bundy. I do not need anyone from the enemy camp to speak for me. I do not need to milk the resources of my people. I’m not looking for anybody to fight for me, but once again, I will stand up and fight for my people.

      1. Not sure what you meant by the reply.
        Did i somehow compare you to bundy?
        Am i “from the enemy camp”?
        Just reacting to the news and offering assistance.
        Like I’ve done many times over the years and shall do again.
        I hope my comment didnt come across wrong.

        1. Obviously my comment came across wrong.
          You are my brother standing beside me.
          We will not hire the fraudulent attorneys to perpetuate that which we claim to be trying to destroy.
          What is happening now, this is the fight. If you have to take thousands of dollars from your people to hire an attorney, you do not understand the fight.
          Guess I was kind of thinking back to when Ammon Bundy was named the leader of the American militia because he had read one little section of the altered Constitution and thought that was all it took. Still today, the Bundys are put out front as the leaders and they don’t have a f#@king clue as to what the fight consists of. If he was the great militia leader, wouldn’t he step up to the courts himself and lay down the law, like LeRoy Schweitzer, the patriot that I admire most?
          At LeRoy Schweitzer’s trial, they put him inside a plexi-glass box so that no one could hear a word coming from his mouth. LeRoy whipped their ass hard and spent the rest of his life in a dungeon because he would not sign an agreement saying he would not tell anybody else what he knew. Now that was a militia leader.
          And you know what? The lawyers that were present at LeRoy Schweitzer’s trial were there at his objection, but then I guess the admiralty court deemed it necessary, being they had LeRoy in a plexi-glass box and he couldn’t speak one way or another.

          1. Thank you, Henry. I had not known about LeRoy Schweitzer before. Quite a history lesson. I searched, and of course Wikipedia pops up first and a few others, and then Southern Poverty Law Center. So it’s hard to get LeRoy’s story beyond the spin. YouTube has some vids by him so I will soon learn more. Here are the two search links in case anyone else is interested:




  15. As sickening as this was to hear, I can’t say I am surprised. This world is going to hell in a hand basket, and we all see just how backwards and bizarre the world has become. If we had our Common Law courts, this kind of injustice would never see the light of day. These scoundrels are going to lose.

  16. This will NOT go unnoticed, unaddressed nor unanswered. Shivley family, thank you for ALL that you ALL have done and enjoy your well deserved temporary break, should you and yours choose it to be temporary.

    Regardless, my utmost respect and admiration humbly goes out to you. It is with a heavy heart I admit that FTTWR has been dealt a blow because it has brought the TRUTH, AND that is what the jooish zionist occupying regime fears the MOST.

    You have struck a blow and their hooked-noses are bloodied. I can only offer a donation, kind words and a piece of music that comes to mind. God bless you and love and keep you, my fellow Trenchers, and the Republic. DTTNWO.

    THIS is not over, God damnit.

    1. We ain’t resting. I have slept about an hour in the last 40 hours. My mind almost has all the pieces in place, and I promise you we are going to show them something they haven’t seen before.
      This isn’t a time-off gig. This is intense mind work that I hope I have the strength to get through.
      Don’t anybody go getting weak on me, I’m not Ammon Bundy, I understand exactly what I am doing, to the point that my mind turns on and will not rest until every piece of the puzzle is in place.
      I promise you, the federal court in Medford is going to be all in a fluster as soon as my paperwork is read. I have played over there before and it seems these guys are just a bunch of low-life shysters. We will see how much dignity that court over there is willing to sacrifice for a handful of noted scuzzballs.
      Well, good night, everybody and thanks for all the positive vibes and the background research on the scuzzballs.

      1. Thank you again for your indomitable courage and fortitude. Never any weaker, I promise that, and only even more resolved. They will regret this affront on US because it only galvanizes US all. The whirlwind they have reaped will be 100 heads+ and they will rue the day they thought we were their bitches.

        I only ever wanted to be free and I see they’re not willing to allow US our birthright.

        To them I say “fine”. But you’re gonna have to rassle em from me, you rotten mf’s and it’s gonna cost you big time.

        I am mad as F’g hell for you but my stake in the game is far less than you and yours have vested in this venture.

        #$&#!*( to them, but peace and love to you and yours, my brother in arms and ALL my fellow Trenchers. .

  17. Henry,you will win. Regardless of how you feel about your faith (as to that e-mail you sent me a while back), God is with you and Laura. Will continue to pray for you all. Have a good sleep.

  18. I feel somewhat guilty for this.

    Due to my bad humor and behavior.

    I hope it works out.

    Hang in there….

    Ever since I’ve been hanging here for 3 years etc….

    They’ve been heckling me…


    But that’s my burden….

    But that’s not gonna stop me…

    From saying what I feel and the truth.

    I’m still stunned in disbelief. …

    1. Hey, Flee, you bring so much laughter and always a perspective from distant Absurdville, with puns and poems both righteous and raunchy, painting a picture of the earthly mess. And you bring heart. And generosity. Big generosity. And cutting satire, play on words, counterpoints, and that repeated suggestion to “Look on the bright side.” All of that wrapped in intelligent truth. I bet you have a high IQ. Laughter is a powerful medicine, even when I’m sometimes embarrassed beyond words, I’m still laughing. Just had to say.


  19. After reading the complaint, it’s obvious that it’s bullshit, no way in hell can the plaintiff possibly win this thing, that and the fact that this Jew clown is dealing with Henry, will only guarantee a waste of everybody’s time and money. The Jew jerkoff complains about a copyright violation, might as well call it a malicious action against a man and his wife who has done nothing wrong, perpetrated by a Jew jerkoff who has nothing better to do.

    This Santa Ana, Ca attorney should go back to chasing ambulances.

    I’m no attorney, but this thing stinks. Henry is going to tear these assholes apart. The Trenches will prevail. It’s a desperate attempt to 86 the website.

    This so called plaintiff is weak ass Jew, hungry for attention and wants to be the toilet bug who took down The Trenches, good luck with that.

  20. I have a good feeling Henry and Laura are going to eat these fcks alive ,as FTTWWR has been doing from the beginning
    It’s going to be historic
    they don’t know who they are messing with
    I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say
    We got yer back boss
    This is just another test to prove you , and We the People are standing strong in the face of tyranny
    Thank you Henry and Laura for all you have done for Me and my fellow man ,and for all you are about to do

  21. I seriously can not explain the sorrow and hurt I feel right now. What the hell is happening? Henry, my brother, my friend… I promised to defend the bill of rights and to spread the truth we’ve shared on t hus site. With all my ability I will keep that promise. I want to thank you and Laura for all that you’ve done. I’m seriously at a loss for words right now. I feel like I’ve lost a huge piece of my life. I really hope there will be something to change this. I just can not believe this.

    1. ‘ I promised to defend the bill of rights and to spread the truth we’ve shared on t hus site’……

      Dear Jamal, one way to spread the Truth is to get your FREE copies of Henry’s CD: Bill of Rights/Common Law Explained ……….just send your mailing addy to Laura and she will pass it along to me

  22. I am forever grateful to have found your site and your show. You have done so much for me as in installing courage and the will to fight. There’s no amount of money that I can pay you for what you have done but trust me if I could I would. You have been light to people like us who know the truth in this Dark World. So thank you for everything you have done I am with you in this fight and I will do what I can to help I don’t have much but I would do what I can thank you for everything

    1. Dear Deon: thank you for this heartfelt post….one way we all can spread ‘the word’ is to get some of Henry’s CDs…..Bill of Rights/ Common Law Explained…..they are FREE!!! to get these awesome discs of education just send your mailing addy to Laura and she will send it along to me . This is called a grassroots effort….a powerful action….
      Love to you and all Trenchers

  23. “We have done the research and these two bit grifters are going to rue the day they stumbled upon the Trenches…and the law.

    The Trenches is not going anywhere. “

    Now that’s what I been talking about !

    For them to win “All it takes is good men to do nothing”

  24. YAY!!!! I knew you could do it, Henry! But I will still send some cash next week or so.

    See, folks, prayers DO GET ANSWERED!

    Note: thanks to these jackasses trying to sue Henry and Laura and “10 others” I put on my vigilance hat and checked out of these m-f-ers coud pull this crap on my OmegaBooks sites, when I discovered I attributed my free pdf cover to the wrong website! So I made the change from “” to “” which is copyright and royalty-free. Turns out Higbee and Sadowski are part of a scam “image” download site which is owned by one of Higbee’s legal partners…they own the image site claiming to have copyright-free images that folks unknowingly download thinking they are copyright free images, then wind up getting sued! Methinks this scam is coming to an end quickly. (Info comes from one of the sites linked to in above comments.)

  25. Great to hear!

    So am I hearing this right? It’s a Jew that’s suing you?

    Typical. Bunch of slimey cowards.

    And don’t think that these Jew bastards will not get together like the Commies that they are and try and sue you more times even after this. These psychos don’t know how to stop until they are six feet under or under a glass ashtray.

  26. Much easier to go up against an individual than the state. Lots of paperwork fired in the enemy direction will likely end the matter quickly unless there is much deeper backing than expected.

        1. Hey Mark, Glad to hear that a least you were worried about me. I know you don’t have my new # (almost no one does, but the few who do never call me anyway, except for Angel), but then again it was always yours for the asking. This one won’t be valid much longer, though, and I’ll tell you why… as soon as I saw the article about the ‘presidential alert’ (posted a link to it in a comment) I said to myself “Yeah, that and WHAT ELSE???” Sure enough, the next day, the internet went out before the damn alert. Big surprise. The day after that, I was talking to Brian at the dispensary (one of the most awake people I know here, he could easily be a Trencher), and when I told him I thought the whole thing was designed to infect the internet & phones across the country with whatever they need to for their upcoming 5G ‘rollout’, he looked at me and said, “Damn dude! That’s EXACTLY what I thought too!!!” I think we’re on to something there.
          Anyway, Angel & I talked for about 3 hrs Thur. night. She’s the one TRUE friend I have left, she can always make me laugh, and cheer me up, or commiserate with me when things are bad. Here’s a perfect example… we were talking last night, and she was telling me I should get out & fish more often. I told her I’d love to, but there’s the transportation problem. She said “You could walk down to the river and fish.”
          I said “True, but river fishing is much tougher than lake fishing, and I’ve never caught anything bigger than 10 or 11 inches out of it.” She said “Well, I’d be happy with 10 or 11 inches.” Without missing a beat, I said “Well, what woman WOULDN’T?”
          There was a moment or two of silence, but… she got it.
          I was howling at this point, I couldn’t help myself. It was absolutely freakin’ hilarious, and we both knew it. When we finally stopped laughing, she said “I can’t believe I set myself up for that one!”
          Angel is my dearest friend, and I’m blessed to have met her.
          There’s only one other Trencher that I had as much love for, and that was diggerdan. We talked for hours on end as well, and when he died, something inside me died along with him. I’ve never been the same since.
          That said, I’m going to be tossing the phone I’m currently using, and activating a new one. You’re more than welcome to the new # if you like, I can e-mail it to you after I switch.

          1. #1, I too noticed there had been no articles submitted by you nor comments for a good week and wondered if you were ok.

            We all may not say something but I’d imagine there were others that noticed your absence as well.

            Good to see you here tonight and I hope and pray you are well.

          2. Yeah, give it to Henry or Angel they will make sure I get it.

            Stay safe my brother, would have loved to have heard that conversation with Angel. lol

            Henry of course has my email .

          3. I also noticed your absence as well #1 and sent ‘be well’ thoughts to you…….there are others that have not posted in a very long time and I still wonder what has become of them

          4. Aww Man…You had to tell them about that…at least you didn’t tell them about some of memories I told you of my conversations with diggerdan… 😉 ROFLMFAO
            BTW- I’m honored. Thank you. <3

          5. Me also, #1. I missed you and was just about to ask about you when Mark beat me to it. Glad to hear you are okay. And I’ll take the opportunity to add that you are appreciated and respected, not just because of all the important things you post here, including your smart and cutting comments, but also just for being a strong and decent human being. Over the years I have noticed that you stand your ground, you do not back away, and when your feet are brought to the fire you stay and let ’em burn until you’ve clearly made your point and stated your case. I must say, that gives me courage.

            Maybe this Trench world, virtual as it is, and beyond being the vehicle for Bill of Rights freedom, is also a platform for self growth. I can certainly say I’m not who I was before I came here. Each word of truth someone delivers, each unique perspective or even each challenging opinion, even when sometimes difficult to bear, makes me reach for a higher bar, and not the kind where they serve Pina Coladas, although that would be fine too. (grin)

            Okay, going on too long. Glad you’re back. I sometimes don’t get to every single comment so I don’t know who alls been missing, but I’ll ask anyway: where’s Hal? (grin again)


  27. Sorry to read about what’s happening. Looks like they just want YES men in the world that don’t ask are learn . thanks Henry an family for your work an time

  28. Wednesday night I was accosted by a stranger that had the Essence of Enemy permeating the air around him. He asked me if I knew someone named Jay, about 53, gray, short hair. He said “They told me across the street that you might know him.” I knew he was LYING the second he said it. ‘They across the street’ all know me, and I know them. They would never sic an attack dog looking motherf%&ker like that @ssclown on me (just to be absolutely certain, I asked the next day… no cigar), so I looked at him and said “I been on this block for over 3 1/2 yrs., and I know the names of virtually everyone on it. I’ve NEVER met anyone named Jay in all that time.” He said, “Oh. okay… sorry to have bothered you.”, climbed in his brand new monster truck, and left (I should have gotten the license plate, but it was late, it was dark, and I was late-night stoned already). I talked to a friend the next day who was actually a process server (what are the odds, in a small town like this?) for 2 yrs. I asked him point-blank, “In all that time, did you ever NOT serve any papers for any reason?” He said “No, never.” So that answered one question, anyway… he wasn’t there to serve me papers.

    “Now, the only reasonable question to ask after that is: what the f*ck is going on?”

    I somehow get the impression they may not be planning to settle this in a courtroom.

    btw, my leaving the site had absolutely nothing to do with this, I hadn’t posted in over a week when this hit. Yes, I’ve known something was coming (but we all have… no mystery there), but no idea when, or what form the attack might take.

    I left for purely personal reasons.

    1. What the hell? Put a game hunting camera outside of your house, get this shit on camera. Upload it to the site, we will put the hurt on this MTFKR and punk ass friends. Jesus Steve….

      If you need anything, I got you brother.

        1. Didn’t know likely because I usually can’t listen to the show. Early afternoon is when I cam the busiest, or our hiking or walking. At 66 years old, I need the exercise. Not much into heavy metal either, but these guys are good, that’s for sure. And speaking of music… my husband recently started renting from libraries the seasons of the show “Justified” and that “Gangsta-grass” (bluegrass mixed with gangsta rap) music has really gotten my tapping foot going. Next to rock, bluegrass is my fave music, and then zydecko.

  29. Unfrickenbelievable! 1st time back in a long time (too long!) to say “Hey” & ???!!!
    Have lost quite a bit of almost everything while gone….Not losing this too!
    Laura and Henry Thank you for all that you have done and all that you do! This is the best site Ever! Sending what support I can Tuesday. Love and strength to you both, and all here.
    To the programed/AI/turds doing this type of $heite to Laura and Henry & others,,,hmmm…. we’ve been expecting you!!!! &

    1. I can’t tell you how good it is to see you commenting. I was just asking #1 about you the other night. Was wondering and worried about how you are, where you are, if you’re OK…
      Missed you. <3

      1. It’s been a loooooong patch Angel! It’s been about a year….getting there! Then got here?! Wow! Unbelievable…(well just didn’t expect it when came back)….
        Hope all is going good with you Angel & #1 ! Missed you too!

        1. Been a long, tough year for me too. Hanging on by a thread. Lost Hubby on January 2nd. Turned my world upside down. Trying to stay strong and get my fight back but, in a haze. Good to see you back, sister.

  30. Restless. I attempted to tune in to the broadcast moments ago. Wondering, at the slim possibility of a broadcast today. Hoping so. But, silence, and of course, understandably.

    I wanted a return to normalcy, normalcy in the midst of insanity, normalcy that nurtures hungry minds and sets a course for freedom.

    Waiting, praying. Knowing the work of work is being done many miles away, facin’ down extortionists and unfriendly courts.

    Henry and Laura, I hope things are proceeding to your liking. You have so many of us pulling for you. A deep thanks for fighting the good fight, every single day. I am anticipating good news.


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