9 thoughts on “Frustrated locals speaking out. Ukraine Gets Billions and Maui Gets What?

    1. It looks real to me. I don’t think it’s a joke.. I just wanted to post it here in case Amazon takes it down

    2. A full book written and published in just 8 days? Looks like it was long in the making. But what will the contents reveal? Speculation, or, God-forbid, Truth? Will just have to wait see.


    3. I can hardly see writing a short book in a few days if one works 24/7 on it (in other words, writing for 168 straight hours…and no pee breaks? Hmmmmm…..), which is literally impossible…and then the book is published immediately? Then immediately formatted or sold on Amazon? Sent to the Library of Congress to register the copyright? In 8 days? I don’t think so! (Being an author and all….) I’d say this “writing-publishing in a few days” event pretty much proves the fire was planned all along.

      1. Yes exactly!! AND.. the story isn’t over yet.. it’s only what ten days in!?!? You can’t write a book give to publisher have it edited rewrite it edit again approve to print then manufacture umpteen hunerd copies and have them ready to ship in 2 weeks!! That’s why I put it up here.. so when they pull it we’ll have a record of it.. that is absolutely rubbing our face in it.. daring us to do something about it.

  1. And another thing–don’t these “climate change” wokesters constantly prattle on about “diversity” and “inclusion” and claim to support indigenous “people of color”? Hmmmmmm…. considering many hurt from this abomination the wokesters helped create just so happen to be NATIVE HAWAIIANS! The same Native Hawaiians Jeff Bezos stole land from to gate his estate… When Native Americans ALL finally see what these thugs really think of them, let me know….and glad to see some natives demanding the “Washington Commanders” return to being the Washington Redskins! (not a Skins or NFL fan…just saying…)

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