Fukushima “No More Seafood For You”

Published on Nov 5, 2013 – by michaelnew1962

Depopulation in the Works NOW!
They Poison our Water, (Fluoride) They Poison or Food (Chemicals & GMO’s) They Poison our Air (Chemtrails) Involve us in Wars (Everywhere) They Kill or Fish (Fukushima, 60 more plants on that soon to be destitute Island) And you doubt there’s a Depopulation Agenda, Really?
This is the only issue we should be talking about


3 thoughts on “Fukushima “No More Seafood For You”

  1. This is a crisis that even Clinton’s hero FDR would spend time wondering how to best exploit.Can’t steal our gold{money}over it like 1933.Ain’t none left to steal.No Japanese zeros to attack.Just sending the fallout and the garbage back from where it came.Ain’t my government or my garbage which to me are sadly synonymous.

  2. The United States is already toxic from the radiation coming out of Japan’s damaged nuclear power plant, and it is only going to get worse. Everybody better start considering regular BVT treatments if they want to avoid the certainty of contracting various cancers from the ever-increasing amounts of radiation we are going to see in the near future.

    Charles Mraz wrote about how BVT has the power to STOP and REVERSE cancer in white lab mice. He experimented with giving mice injected with cancer stings from honeybees, along with feeding them royal jelly and discovered that it completely turned the progression of their cancers around and healed them. Hopefully it will work in humans as well, since these findings will be needed more than ever now.

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