0 thoughts on “Fukushima Update More Radioactive Beef Japan – Typhoon moves in

  1. R.C. – That was a great piece of work in exposing the propaganda machine. I’m certainly no expert in the field of nuclear science but I felt as many did and still do that this is not going to end well and eventually the propaganda will be exposed for what it is. A thought came to mind after seeing this. It would be great to see one put together for this so called economic recovery we’ve been having in the U.S. since ’09. You know, all the jobs that have been added despite adding 400,000 plus new claims for the past 12 weeks. How unemployment benefits keep you unemployed despite there being 5 applicants for every job available ( and I know the ratio is more like 20 to 1 conservatively). How main street inflation is under control despite the digital money printing from the Fed which is inflation by definition. Just a thought. Anyway, thanx for the post.

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