8 thoughts on “Full Interview of President Assad with the Turkish Ulusal TV (5 April 2013)

    1. Assad is the pivot point in the ME. Through Syria, jews like schumacher will end up as part of the fabric of history. A very small, particularly oily stain on that fabric.
      The tide is rising.

  1. A clear, bright leader who has been vilified by the Zionist Jewish global media. He speaks the Truth to the ears that are truly open, i.e. ears not overshadowed by ignorance. A hero to those who believe in national sovereignty, freedom and liberty. If America had a leader like him, Bolshevism, Communism, Homosexuality, Fascism, for example, wouldn’t be running rampant and excepted as the “norm”. Whereas, America’s leader is just the opposite; a vile, infected rodent, spreading his noxious dis-ease through out the globe.

  2. Despite the language differences , president Assad makes Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barak Obama sounds like a bunch of Bumbling kindergarteners, Well after all he is a British trained eye surgeon.

  3. “rumors of his death…were just MSM BS………as usual…”

    I think you’ll find it was sites like this that promoted the BS, not MSM. In fact it has already been pointed out on other threads that the story is Israeli propaganda.

    1. I think YOU’LL find that this site had been promoting BOTH sides of the story.

      IF you had actually been paying attention, that is.

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