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A.I. and the Future of Criminal Sentencing

Published on Nov 11, 2017

Mike then talks with Brigida Santos about how some states are using artificial intelligence against individuals during criminal sentencing.

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2 Responses to A.I. and the Future of Criminal Sentencing

  1. flee says:


    Well I have a new technology.

    Its called…


    Real Intelligence.

    Something that doesn’t need a Microsoft security patch every month that’s full of bullsht, paranoia and propaganda.

    I’m still working on the details.

    There’s a section of code that keeps crashing on the logic flowchart on the avalanche of…


  2. Joe says:

    New Years 2017: Cops to use ‘mental health assessments’ on everyone

    There are over 400 risk assessment tools being used to keep people locked up!

    Go to the link below to find out more…

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