3 thoughts on “Future Trencher Tools, and some funky beers I just found that been in there almost a year. Yikes!

  1. Beer in bottles just keeps getting better like fine wine and old tools started out good unlike chinesium stuff.

  2. What? Did you say “free beer”, Hal? That’s all I heard!

    Jk I bet that’s pretty nasty by now. End up tripping or something if you drink that. Heck, you might halucinate that people went nuts and govts shut down everything over a flu and…

    Oh. Never mind.

    1. (Laughing)
      I recall that stuff being plenty nasty before it became orphaned the second time (notice that one is open, and one is missing ).
      Someone had given it to me.
      Who knows it’s life story before that 😉

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