Gabby Giffords Blames Guns for Domestic Violence on Women

Barack_Obama_with_Gabrielle_Giffords_and_Mark_KellyGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

Anti-gunners and Democrats in general seem pretty obsessed with this whole war on women thing. Now Giffords is bringing guns into the “War on Women”.

In a recent editorial on, Giffords, along with co-writer Katie Ray-Jones, wrote the following,

In our country, it’s a sadly common story: An abuser or stalker gains access to guns and destroys the lives of women and families in our communities.

That’s why it is time for Congress to address this lethal mix of domestic violence and guns. Our leaders must pass laws that prevent stalkers and abusers from accessing guns to intimidate, hurt or kill women.

The numbers should shock you: Women in America are 11 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than women in other democratic countries with developed economies. In domestic abuse situations, if the abuser has access to a gun, it increases the chance that a woman will die by 500%.

Giffords, of course, makes no mention of the numerous women, children and other family members who defend themselves on a regular basis from domestic abusers by using firearms for self defense.

In many of those cases, the abuser isn’t even armed with a gun, and the weaker victim would be completely at the mercy of the abuser without a gun to even the playing the field.

Here are just a few recent stories in which the VICTIM in a domestic abuse situation was able to turn the tables on their abuser using a firearm.

14 Year Old Uses 12 Gauge Shotgun to Defend His Mother From Abusive Boyfriend

Paraplegic Man Shoots and Kills His Abusive Brother Who Attacked Their Sister

18 Year Old Shoots, Kills His Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend When He Attacked Her, Saving Her

CA Homeowner Shoots His Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend After Being Stabbed Multiple Times

Son Uses Handgun to Save Mom’s Life After Abusive Boyfriend Attacked Her With a Hammer


5 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords Blames Guns for Domestic Violence on Women

  1. Gifford and her ilk are not interested in facts. They are only interested in disarming as many Americans as possible before TSHTF. A point which we are rapidly approaching.

  2. I suppose this woman has a “valid” excuse for thinking this way, since she had lost some grey-matter due to her former injury. Indeed, she should be duly institutionalized for her protection.

  3. Nitwit.

    If the woman (potential domestic violence target) has a gun and knows how to use it, that goes a long way to deterring a predator or being able to fight back. Taking away women’s right to carry just makes women in general a “gun free zone” and we know what that means.

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