10 thoughts on “Gary Johnson Loses It! Goes Full PC Over Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’

  1. F this guy and anyone who promotes his brand of pc.

    Engaging in anything created by zionists to control or suppress truth by sugarcoating or euphemisms is futile as it has been designed to help them achieve their end result.

    This db is all about protecting THEIR “freedom” to exist here and pursue the “American dream” at the expense of natural born Americans.

      1. He’s the libertarian nominee. He sure is about freedom ain’t he, Millard?! Man this guy chafes my britches with his incensed support of invading wetbacks!!!

  2. I say, let some ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (personally, I like illegal aliens) move into and take over this scumbag’s house! This treasonous piece of shit needs to swing from a hemp rope!

  3. “Gary Johnson Loses It!”

    Very misleading title.

    It’s based on the assumption that he had ‘it’ to begin with.

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