3 thoughts on “Gen Z might make it through.

  1. Yep. What I’ve always said. What’s even better than taxing half the population? Taxing all of them and getting control of the next generation.

    Same with gay marriage. These idiots think some gazillionaires woke up one morning and said to themselves “God, I love homos. What can I do for them today?” It was about injecting the government into your relationship so they have control over debt and finances. Before, when mike and steve cohabitated and steve got the high five from man/sewer pipe sex, his debt died with him. Now, his wifey or whatever the heck this degenerate calls him, has to carry it because they invited the vampire into their already convoluted relationship. Silly faggots, they didn’t do it because you’re so f’g special. To top it off, it’s destructive in every way to advocate for that degeneracy.

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