Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout


Before his links to the world was cut by his Ecuadorian hosts, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gave an interview on how technological advances are changing humankind. He said global surveillance will soon be totally unavoidable.

The interview was provided to RT by organizers of the World Ethical Data Forum in Barcelona. Assange, who is currently stranded in the Ecuadorean embassy in London with no outside communication except with his legal team, has a pretty grim outlook on where humanity is going. He says it will soon be impossible for any human being to not be included into global databases collected by governments and state-like entities. 

This generation being born now… is the last free generation.You are born and either immediately or within say a year you are known globally. Your identity in one form or another –coming as a result of your idiotic parents plastering your name and photos all over Facebook or as a result of insurance applications or passport applications– is known to all major world powers.

“A small child now in some sense has to negotiate its relationship with all the major world powers… It puts us in a very different position. Very few technically capable people are able to live apart, to choose to live apart, to choose to go their own way,” he added. “It smells a bit like totalitarianism – in some way.”

The capacity to collect and process information about people has been growing exponentially and will continue to grow fast, he stated. With advancements in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to big data, the next logical step is coming.

“Look at what Google and Baidu and Tencent and Amazon and Facebook are doing. They are basically open-cut harvesting the knowledge of humankind as we express it, when we communicate with each other… This classical model, which people in academia call ‘surveillance capitalism’… has changed now.

It’s a really very important and severe economic change. Which is to take the surveillance capitalism model and transform it instead into a model that does not yet have a name, an ‘AI model’. Which is to use this vast reservoir to train Artificial Intelligences of different kinds. This would replace not only intermediary sectors –most things you do on the internet is in a sense more efficient intermediation– but to take over the transport sector, or create whole new sectors.

Assange also predicted that the scale of hostile activities through cyberspace will see a breakout point as soon as AI is trained to sufficiently automate hacking attacks.

“There is no border [online]. It’s 220 milliseconds from New York to Nairobi. Why would there ever be peace in such a scenario?” he said. “[Entities online] are creating their own borders using cryptography. But the size of the attack surface for any decent-sized organization, the number of people, different types of software and hardware it has to pull inside itself means that it is very hard to establish.

I don’t think it’s really possible to come up with borders that are predictable enough and stable enough to eliminate conflict. Therefore, there will be more conflict.


9 thoughts on “Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout

  1. The end of the movie Avatar. Jake is smashing a rock on the camera of the mega huge metalic monster that is trying to destroy the village and kill all the inhabitants.

  2. Well isn’t that just wishful thinking. We’re about 8 generations plus outside of freedom if we’ve ever been free.

    But that’s not a hindrance because I feel we’ve got the best damned common law ever penned as our foundation.

    WE don’t NEED them to govern OUR lives in minutia.

    This message has been brought to you by the Bill of Rights and an euretheromaniac.

      1. Pardon my misspelling of eleutheromania. Keyboard has a way of doing shite I don’t want to type sometimes and hard to chase the cursor! What’s SOPHIA?

    1. “……We’re about 8 generations plus outside of freedom…..”

      Yeah. I guess everyone has their own definition of “freedom”, and the brainwashed masses in this country think it’s enough to be able to choose which TV channel they watch. If they’re not old enough to compare today’s limits to those of forty years ago, they’re content with staying in their houses and staring into one electronic screen or another.

      Today’s idiots never tasted freedom, so they don’t see that they’re being deprived of anything as one new restriction on their behavior is piled upon the last. All you’re allowed to do now is stay in your house and consume their mind-numbing propaganda, or you’ll be subjected to police harassment, but as long as they keep singing “land of the free” at football games, they’ll think they’re free.

  3. Assange commenting on freedom? Hmmm… Until he delivers on 9/11 truth, he’s ANTI-freedom.

    “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”
    ~~ Julian Assange


  4. I talk with an 83 year old man everyday ( completely with it and knows the gig )….people just have no idea how badly we all have been FU*keD!… this man has seen it , and has been aware to it

    its been “passed time to get on with this” as he says , and yes we all know what that means
    and yes he fights everything they pushed in his way ., example wouldnt get a “g*d dam permit to carry my gun” because he knew he had the unalienable right to carry that gun any dam way or where he felt he needed to , and F what anyone thought

    and at 83 sill has a dam nice group

    oh and no comment on Assange not really tuned into what his gig really is in all this just yet ..but as far as the generations and “freedom” thing goes 2 cents

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