Genius Test – 90% fail

Published on Sep 24, 2013 by Thomas8april

This video will be able to determine whether you are of an idiotic nature or not using a simple mathematical trick. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video, and if you like fried chicken.

3 thoughts on “Genius Test – 90% fail

  1. Well golly, it looks like I’m a genius! If anyone taking this “test” can’t get the right answer, it simply means they’ve been “educated” using “common core” or some other messed up method of teaching. Simple arithmetic isn’t rocket science.

    1. Actually, that’s exactly what I did. My math ability sucks. Don’t I feel stupid.

      Basically, I was so focused on increasing the thousands place that I lost sight of the hundreds place. 🙁

      Dammit! 😡

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