German prosecutors in race against time to try last Nazis over WWII crimes

Jun 27, 2022 In Germany, a former SS corporal at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp is on trial on charges of being an accessory to murder for the deaths of 3,518 people between 1942 and 1945. The verdict in the trial of 101-year-old Josef Schütz is expected this week. Schütz, who maintains his innocence, is one of dozens of alleged Nazi criminals that German prosecutors are trying to convict before it’s too late. Our correspondents report.

3 thoughts on “German prosecutors in race against time to try last Nazis over WWII crimes

  1. So when are they going to go after the American, British and Australian war criminals, my father in-law flew missions on Dresdon killing an unknown number of civilians at the end of WW2 funny how they winners get a pass

  2. My first thought is: “what’s the point”? I’m not concerned about a relic that committed whatever offense 80 yrs ago. And next: “well, I know what the point is”.
    They have to continue to keep holo on forefront, keep it relevant, and yes, always striving for justice. Yes, justice for those special, chosen people.
    What about justice for all the babies, kids, women brutally assaulted and abused? Oh, that’s right! The offenders get “lost in the system”; maybe after their 3/4/9th offense they’ll get real punishment. For now, if they plea guilty, their sentence gets to be lessened because of “time served”, or if they plead guilty, their sentence is lessened. An active perv, more than capable, is infinitely more worrisome than some 100 yr old “war criminal.”

  3. What pisses me off, is that it takes this dam long to hold someone accountable … so are we to believe this is true than none of these fckers we have now will ever stand trial…so with that being said , maybe trials just aren’t in their future, ,just lead and rope?, and some unfortunate accidents

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