German transport trucks & Russian soldiers – what’s going on in the Smoky Mountains?

driverThe Hagmann & Hagmann Report – by Douglas J. Hagmann

A listener to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report observed an interesting, if not disconcerting event in a small town that borders the Smoky Mountains. A German soldier transport truck, complete with the Balkenkreuz der Deutschen Streitkräfte emblem (a World War II insignia of the German armed forces) on the driver’s door, being driven into the Smoky Mountains. According to this listener, the driver appeared of Russian origin and seemed extremely nervous at the gaze of this listener.  Thinking quickly, the listener snapped several pictures, some of which are presented here.   

Although the pictures do not show the driver’s attire, he appeared to be wearing an “odd shaped helmet – not a U.S. issued helmet” while operating the vehicle. Once observing the camera, perhaps, the driver hastened away toward the Smoky Mountains.

Note: Clicking the images will enlarge them.

According to this source, there are daily helicopter transports to and from a specific area in the Smoky Mountains, close or perhaps to and from an area controlled by the UN under their Biodiversity project – or possibly a site controlled by the United States military.

The question is… what is going on with foreign troops on U.S. soil, and why aren’t the citizens being told?



truck rear

truck back

The photos are from a member of “Hagmann’s Heroes,” an informal group of individuals – listeners to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – committed to searching for truth and exposing lies…

5 thoughts on “German transport trucks & Russian soldiers – what’s going on in the Smoky Mountains?

  1. I have one of these type of guys in my town too. He gets military vehicles, fixes them up and repaints them. The guy in my town I call him GI Joe. He paints his vehicles in Army green with the white star on the side and everything. Some people have a mind of a child and still want to play with toys, maybe this guy you found is of German heritage and still is playing with his toys.

  2. That truck looks to be older than me.

    If you think something nefarious is going on in the Smokies, why not send one of your ‘Hagmann’s Hero’s’ to investigate, or would that spoil the fun of future fear-mongering?

    P.S. Just went to the blog posting this ‘news’ to leave a comment and found that no comments were allowed.

    Strange behavior for a site that is purported to be in the intelligence game.

  3. finally someone sends in the pics to H and H and it turns out to be a restored surplus vehicle with Tennessee plates. I dont think the russians are going to invade America with 1950s model trucks from Germany. Hagman and Hagman are ruining their credibillity.

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