Get ready for a bumpy ride


Get ready for a bumpy ride.  The Democrats have stopped a century old practice by disallowing the filibuster.  The reason the founding fathers wanted the filibuster is to allow the minority to slow down dictatorial powers of the executive.  The US Senate confirms lifelong judges, and the founding fathers new that a Senate without a filibuster will create a dictatorship.

The House of Representatives do not have a filibuster, but whatever they pass must be approved by the US Senate.  However, the US Senate has certain privileges that the House does not.  Therefore, the US Senate can now work with the Democratic administration to legislate rules to the economy without Republican support.   

This is an affront to democracy.  Look for President Obama to dictate EPA rules and Healthcare mandates through executive power, and the Senate will allow that to happen.  The United States has now begun that evolution into a democratic dictatorship.  We elect leaders, but they cannot be held accountable now.  This is very prophetic.

The American power grab shows something big is coming.  I believe a military conflict in the Middle East with economic upheaval is near.  The United States government is putting everything in place for martial law.  The judges that will be at the government’s bidding will not allow individual citizens to have due process.  The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, will force all Americans that hold land to be dictated by very stringent government standards.

Also, the new healthcare law will be one avenue the mark of the beast will be instituted in the United States.  The move by the US Senate is sad, but predictable.  America prides itself in slow moving government so that government can have a balance of power.  Now we are entering uncharted territory where government will be fast moving as its dictates are forced upon the American citizenry.

The nations are preparing for the world order’s implementation on a grand scale.  Different countries are issuing general  emergencies and government orders to put their citizenry under a more authoritative control.  America is just one of many that are preparing for the inevitable.  Time will tell, but the days ahead will be bumpy.

Bro. Brian

2 thoughts on “Get ready for a bumpy ride

  1. Great points, but missing one important fact, millions upon millions of armed american nationals who are going to fight. We will see what happens next, and what the future holds for America.

    This article brings forth a lot of scary revelations yes, but what will reality really be? We will soon see. Will the US military go along with the above BS? If 50% of them say no, game over.

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