Get Ready: IRS Puts Crosshairs On Every American Without Obamacare

Published on Nov 29, 2016 by The Next News Network

Sub for more: | The Washington Times by way of World Net Daily reports, the IRS is plowing ahead with controversial plans to use its files to try to prod more people to sign up for Obamacare — but the tax agency has promised Congress it won’t break any privacy laws. The letters are set to go out beginning next week, and are aimed at Americans who are paying the tax penalty rather than obtaining health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The IRS says the 2010 law requires it to inform those individuals they could do better by signing up for the embattled program.

8 thoughts on “Get Ready: IRS Puts Crosshairs On Every American Without Obamacare

  1. Suck my harry ass Balls … how about NO !

    go pound sand

    sounds like the IRS is a terrorist group to me

  2. This is the talk of enemy combatants designed to scare us. Not to worry. We are frightened. Any sane man would be with talk like that from a government official. On the other hand there is a point where the fear ran its course and what is left is rage. How DARE THEY say these things to us? Sounds like they are telegraphing their intentions to make war on us. I hope people let that burn in really good.

    We didn’t get Hillary for president and World War 3 and nuclear genocide. We do still have Trump, and it is a good bet the government aggression is going to be now focused on us.
    All I can say is BE READY.

  3. I am amazed at the ignorance of taxpayers, and not just because taxpayers are too ignorant to know they don’t have to pay taxes unless they work for Washington DC. Paying income tax is voluntary, period. And even if one “chooses” to “voluntarily” pay income taxes, there are ways around “line 61” on the 1040 (the “health responsibility penalty” crapola!)–
    1.if paying for ObamaCare is more than 8.05 of annual income, you don’t pay the penalty. (and it seems to me that many “penalty” payers simply can’t do the math here!)
    2. if you are Christian, join a Christian Healthshare Ministry! That way, you don’t pay for abortions, sex changes, etc. and it is a lot cheaper than ObamaCare is!
    3. If you don’t intend to collect social security (or don’t need it since you have a decent pension…a teacher maybe with a retirement fund and you never put in to social security), you can get an exemption anyway.
    4. there are about ten other exemptions besides the ones I listed.
    If you insist on paying taxes, do your damned homework!

  4. “IRS Puts Crosshairs On Every American Without Obamacare”

    You are awfully late to that party. You have had American crosshairs on you for decades.

    Its just sad that most of them are shaking and will never fire.

  5. “… but the tax agency has promised Congress it won’t break any privacy laws.”


    And you can take THAT to the Federal Reserve!

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