Get Your Free Health Care! Step Right This Way!

White House Dossier – by KEITH KOFFLER 

It’s trust and don’t verify time for Obamacare.

I wonder, truly, why the enforcement mechanisms for Obamacare are going straight out the window until whenever without the whole thing being bumped back.


Oh boy, Single Payer Heaven, here we come.

In a friendly Friday document dump – on the Friday after July 4, no less – the Obama administration excreted a 600- page regulation within which was the joyful news that you can qualify for Obamacare subsidies WITHOUT HAVING TO PROVE YOUR INCOME.

Until 2015. Supposedly.

Meanwhile, you can start taking the subsidies in three months. Because as we all know, when it comes to health care, there’s never any fraud or abuse.

That means people can start getting their Obama phones subsidized health care in time to thank Democrats during the 2014 midterm elections. Who cares that the verification of income is statutory and not supposed to be blotted out by bureaucrats? For the Obama White House, laws – like principles – are fungible things.

Millions may sign up who don’t qualify. What’s more, you’re not supposed to move into subsidized care unless your employer doesn’t provide Obama-certified health insurance. But as you may remember, HHS just scotched that employer requirement too. Everyone into onto the taxpayer’s tab please!

Once our citizens start getting their new subsidized gifts, they will be LOATHE TO GIVE THEM BACK. The Obama people know that. It’s the guiding principle of the whole welfare state: Roll out the benefits, and let the Republican just try to roll them back!

The lure of subsidized health care will get even more healthy young things to sign up instead of forgoing insurance – putting at least some of their own money into the system and helping prop up the whole unwieldy mess by keeping insurers in the game. The insurance companies can go out of business later once we have single-payer firmly in place.

So go get your Obamacare! Just let the government know your self-adjusted gross income, and you’re in!

One thought on “Get Your Free Health Care! Step Right This Way!

  1. Even for Obama, this is off the charts. His reform is a total lie. But please note that the employees being enticed to take this freebie are merely pass-throughs. The money goes to the insurers. And it subsidizes big businesses who can dump their employees’ cost onto taxpayers. It’s another big corporate giveaway with the side benefit of vote buying.

    It has nothing to do with single payer. After Obama wrecks what little remains of a healthcare system, single payer will be impossible. He is creating bigger and bigger monopolies within the system, but that’s only to game the system. That’s what he wants – more corporate profits in a public-private partnership. Single payer needs an independent system, whereas his private-public partnership needs a government dependent one. I’m for single payer – note the word “payer,” it’s not free – and against whatever you want to call the monopolies quietly being co-sponsored by the government.

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