Ghislaine Maxwell assigned to keep an eye on suicidal inmates

New York Post – by Kate Sheehy, Rebecca Rosenberg

Jeffrey Epstein cohort Ghislaine Maxwell has been tasked with monitoring other inmates who might be suicidal, her lawyers revealed in newly unsealed court papers.

“She has been made a suicide watch inmate, which is the highest and most trusted responsibility that an inmate can have,” wrote Mark Cohen and Jeffrey Pagliuca in a motion requesting her release to home confinement on a $28.5 million bail package.

Her attorneys have repeatedly complained about the “onerous” jail conditions that Maxwell has endured as a high profile inmate of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn — including excessive surveillance and being awoken every 15 minutes by a flashlight to ensure she’s still breathing.

“It is the height of irony that Ms. Maxwell is being constantly surveilled as if she were a suicide risk when she, herself, is trusted enough (if she were ever released from isolation) to monitor inmates who are truly at risk of suicide,” the lawyers wrote.

Her defense team has accused the lockup of subjecting her to unreasonable restrictions over concerns she’ll meet the same fate as Epstein, who committed suicide while in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The unbearable terms of her confinement, her attorneys argued, favor her bid for release. She’s charged in Manhattan federal court with recruiting girls and women to be sexually abused by her and Epstein. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty.

One thought on “Ghislaine Maxwell assigned to keep an eye on suicidal inmates

  1. Aww…she’s a real modeled citizen. Let’s all feel sorry for her and petition for her release.


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