7 thoughts on “Good Dad

  1. That picture looks so familiar
    My less than 100 pound daughter got taught this early in life
    She is fully capable of handling large caliber pistols and very capable at hitting her mark

    She soon will have her own child to teach and protect
    I feel I did a good job with her
    I pity any fool that thinks her size and gender means she’s going to be a complying victim

  2. When I was visiting Koyote, (his son Wade’s little girl loves to shoot guns) she was begging him to let her shoot one, cutists thing I ever seen, this little girl really wanted to shoot that .22, wouldn’t let dad get away with saying no.

    Almost brought tears too my eyes, real special little girl.

  3. My greatest regret in life was my Dad not teaching me a THING about guns. I tried to learn late in life mid 60’s and by then my ears couldn’t stand the sound. Now I’m 77 but have taken up knives and small but strong billy clubs. Back in my young life we girls was taught to be LADIES. Lot of good that did when I needed several times to shoot their a–.

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