Google Crime Syndicate Censoring the Web for the International Corporate Mafia

The treasonous sleazebags at Google are removing From the Trenches articles from the searches.  We know Google’s start up was funded by the CIA and that Google works hand in hand with that agency to spy on we the people and to suppress information that shows the international socialist insurgency for the reality it is.  The people who own Google and operate it are nothing but Zionist lapdogs.  They serve Benjamin Netanyahu, the King of Israel and are protected by the traitors within our own government.

Unless you can employ a law firm, you cannot even so much as complain about Google’s actions, hence they are above any of the laws of we the American people.  Hell, you cannot even write an email to Google.  What other business in the United States is so protected that you cannot even file an administrative complaint with the agency that regulates it?

The fact is Google is rogue, lawless, and unregulated.  Be advised Google owners and operators, your crimes are being documented and passed via courier to locations around the United States.  I know you feel invincible right now, but I’m here to tell you, you are going to be brought to justice.

We the American people of the American race are going to reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution and you are going to go on trial for aiding an insurgency against our Constitution and Republic and we will make the connection between your wanton actions and the cause of the deaths of Americans.  And it will be nationalists just like myself, sitting on the jury who will decide your punishment.

You go ahead and laugh for now, but remember me when you are being drug up the gallows, screaming, crying, pissing on yourselves, and begging for a mercy you will not receive.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Google Crime Syndicate Censoring the Web for the International Corporate Mafia

  1. It’s this easy, use another search engine and let their advertisers know. When they lose money their attitude will change. They think they are almighty. When their stock price plumets it will humble them. The fact that the CIA and FBI are behind them is a good point not to use them, don’t you think?

  2. i use for a search engine – it’s anonymous and uncensored, and most of all doesn’t track you. Gibiru even indexes news that google doesn’t show in their results; i found this article through gibiru. There should be more people voicing their frustration and privacy concerns regarding these totalitarian corporate practices and boycott google, msn and big brother.

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