The Debt Ceiling Circus Returns to Washington DC

Well it is that time of year that seems to come around every six months.  Another debt ceiling battle is looming and all the special interest groups are putting their talking heads forward.  House Speaker John Boehner, who got his job in our Congress through the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, has remembered all of his lines as the games kick off.

Boehner said that the phony right will not consider another raise in the debt ceiling unless it is paid for with spending cuts or tax reform.  And what reform is Boehner proposing?  Well he wants the Bush era tax cuts made permanent.  He says that to end the cuts would represent the largest tax hike in history.

Tell me this; if that is so wouldn’t it also be true that when the tax cuts were initiated, by Boehner’s neo-con elitist brother George Bush 2, would that not have been the largest tax cut in the nation’s history?

On the other hand, these neo-con national socialists want to get rid of tax loop holes.  You know like the child credits for the middle class and working poor, and forcing even those living 100% under the poverty level to pay taxes.  In fact the neo-cons say this would be a good thing because it would ease the tax burden on the filthy rich and allow them to feel more confident and secure.

I guess that making record profits in the middle of a depression is just not enough for the filthy rich.  Being the globalists they are, their mantra is, “The middle class and poor are still living too well; they can afford to add more to our mountains of wealth.”

All of this is rubbish.  The fact is the corporate elite have been and are continuing to suck out the natural resources of our country in what is and has been the greatest theft to ever occur on planet Earth.

The mainstream propagandists who will orchestrate this latest debt ceiling production are traitors to our country.  They know the truth and they have chosen to take their thirty pieces of silver and drive the knife deeper into the backs of the American people.

The Justice Department for the United States is 100% corrupt from the meter maid to the Attorney General.

We are going to have to take our country back with force, and everyone expounding otherwise is either a coward or themselves a traitor.  Do not be distracted.  Stay on point and do not allow our people to be divided one against the other.  We are the American people of the American race.  We are united and resistance to our will is absolutely futile.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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