Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!

SuperStation 95

The Google news search engine picked-up a Chicago Sun-Times Network article about the attack at an Orlando nightclub 6 hours BEFORE the attack took place!  The attack occurred around 2:00 AM eastern US time on Sunday, June 12.  


But the Chicago Sun-Times Network has the following story about the attack, dated 06/11/2016, 08:00PM (Double Click Image to enlarge):


How could the Sun-Times Network write a story about an attack which had not taken place yet? The simplest answer is that someone at the Sun-Times Network knew about the attack in advance.

How did someone at the Sun-Times Network know there was going to be an attack at the Pulse nightclub?  The simplest answer: The attack was planned by someone other than the guy being blamed.  Unless, of course, there is some type of mistake in the time-stamp on the Sun-Times Network article.  So, we checked that possibility.

Not Just the Sun-Times, Google Too!

Google’s news system is totally automated.  It checks thousands of news sites dozens of times a day automatically, and creates a link within Google to news articles, then applies a Google time stamp when the story is acquired by Google (not when the story shows it was published).  Google’s news system shows that Google picked-up that story BEFORE the attack took place!

The attack took place starting around 2:00 AM eastern US time on Sunday,June 12 and this article (that you’re reading right this second) was written around Midnight on June 14 into 15.  From June 15, going back four days, is June 11 . . . . BEFORE the attack took place.  Below is the screenshot of the Google search engine results obtained by SuperStation95 around Midnight on June 14 into 15 showing that Google got the article “4 Days Ago” which would be June 11 . . . . BEFORE the attack took place (Double click the image to enlarge):


Now, ask yourself: Who could plan an attack like this in advance, get word to their friends in the Chicago media to write a story about it BUT NOT SAY ANYTHING prior to the attack taking place?  The simplest answer: Government.

It is starting to look like the attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando was a “false-flag.”  The attack did, in fact, take place.  But the person being blamed is being made a patsy by the government.

Skeptical?  Fine.  Click to see the originals . . .

Original Sun-Times Network story with a publication date of 06/11/2016, 08:00PM (6 hours before the attack)  HERE

Original Google Search Engine Results showing when Google got the story,  HERE


Why would someone murder 49 people in a false flag attack to blame someone else?  Politics.  Mass-Murders make a good excuse for gun control.

The Obama Administration is obsessed with gun control.  Would they actually concoct a mass murder to achieve their goals?  Well, we have known for months that the Obama Administration, at the behest of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, began supplying rebels with weapons to overthrow the government of Syria.  Despite thousands of innocent men, women and children being killed in Syria by those Rebels, the US continues to supply them with weapons.  So the deaths of innocent people clearly mean nothing to the Obama Administration.

If they’re willing to allow the slaughter of innocent people in Syria, what makes you think they would care about slaughtering innocent people here in America?  Hint: They don’t care.  President Barack Hussein Obama and most of his Administration are sociopaths.  To them, the ends justify the means.

And Hillary Clinton . . .  just as bad.  Her CLASSIFIED memo about overthrowing the Syrian Government “to help Israel” was leaked through Wikileaks and it clearly shows she told her boss that the US needed to supply weapons to rebels in Syria, to forcibly overthrow the duly elected government of Syria, as a way “to help Israel.”  So Hillary is just as much a cold-hearted Sociopath as Obama in our view.

Now that the Obama Administration has taken to killing Americans here at home, so as to further its anti-gun political agenda, we think it wise to tell the American people to prepare to defend yourselves against this Administration.  A real fight may be coming.  Especially if the President  decides that he wants to drum-up so much civil trouble at the Republican and Democrat conventions that he must declare Martial Law . . . . to conveniently remain in office.

If he were to pull a stunt like that, it would mean direct confrontation with the American People, likely requiring a Second Amendment solution to defend ourselves from such tyranny.

While we do not have any plans whatsoever to undertake any confrontational action against the government, and do not ask or advocate that any of you take any action – at this time – we feel it important to convey this information to the American people so folks can think about it in calm circumstances prior to any trouble which may make a fight necessary.

Prepare yourselves.

7 thoughts on “Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!

  1. “How could the Sun-Times Network write a story about an attack which had not taken place yet?”

    Minority Report.

    “The attack did, in fact, take place.”


    Accept ONLY upon proof of claim, bozo. GOT VIDEO OF ANYONE ACTUALLY GETTING SHOT? GOT CORPSES?????

  2. Wow Just like the sandy hoax all over again. Did anyone also find a fundraiser site for the victims BEFORE the attack happened too?


  3. Jess like when them limees at the BBC tolt us that WTC building Seven was all a tumbled when it wernt yet. Gummit news agencies, theys all the same, or theys all one and the same.

  4. “Now, ask yourself: Who could plan an attack like this in advance, get word to their friends in the Chicago media to write a story about it BUT NOT SAY ANYTHING prior to the attack taking place? The simplest answer: Government.”

    There is one more possibility, just as simple. An enemy of the/this Government with an excellent intelligence apparatus that actually works…….
    To open up the hoax for the population with tangible proof…

    Just saying. However, they might do this to get to an outcome preferable for their own benefit, not necessary for the benefit of Americans in general.

  5. The average person isn’t going to be able to track all the timestamps or understand how the web works, how cache works how the wayback machine works, how captures work. They also were no arround likely when bbs’s were around, they also were not around when security was more along the lines of well behaved users vs bad ones.

    They haven’t spent years reverse engineering software or hangin with mammon, fravia or thegrugq nor have they been operating an ISP. This is why WE on the WEB get it, we were born as techs in the fires of the internet (well for me it was Michael Angelo Virus on my Pascal source code SETUP floppy disc for an 8086 with MFM’s I digress),

    when it comes to BROADCAST TV……. the truth and techs are stripped out.

    Only a labotamized pajama boy wearing a WHITE LAB COAT and safety glasses is left. (could be Suzie gum popper alt.)

    Meanwhile, the only constructive thing I can think of that we need a bill to STRIP OUT the dual citizens from holding government offices. This way we can reduce the AMOUNT of insider treason and attacks.

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