GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27

Breitbart – by Neil Munro

Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee will try again to pass his S.386 bill, which grants green cards to India’s college graduates if they take jobs from American graduates.

“I believe it’s ready for prime time,” Mike Lee said in a June 19 statement on the Senate floor, adding:

It is ready to become law … I intend to be back next week making yet another attempt to pass this bill into law. And I hope and expect that we will be able to do so.

Leon Fresco, a Democrat lawyer working with Lee to pass the bill, also declared the bill will pass the Senate:

All objections will be solved, this is an iterative process. Senator Lee his staff are doing a tremendous job working to address the objections of every single member. #GreenCardEquality will not be stopped now. Equality of opportunity is a priority for all 100 senators.

Fresco helped Sen. Chuck Schumer write the 2013 “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill that nearly passed — and which would have provided investors with a flood of cheap labor for at least 20 years.

Lee’s promise came just after Georgia Sen. David Perdue blocked Lee’s request for the Senate’s “Unanimous consent” approval of his S.386 bill. The bill would allow up to 140,000 Indian workers and family members to get valuable green cards each year in exchange for them working in U.S. college jobs for several years.

Perdue’s block came after Lee negotiated a deal with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who earlier blocked Lee’s bill in late July.

Opponents of Lee’s bill praised Perdue:

Lee’s chance of a Senate win next week is uncertain, despite enormous, behind-the-scenes support from Silicon Valley investors and business groups, including the Chamber of Commerce, Amazon, Facebook, and

His radical, pro-outsourcing push has created a series of grassroots groups of technology professionals who are worried their careers will be outsourced to India. The new groups have been organizing to oppose the investors’ efforts to export millions of college graduates’ jobs. These groups include the American Workers CoalitionProtect US WorkersProgressives for Immigration Reform, and U.S. Tech Workers.

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One thought on “GOP Sen. Mike Lee Promises to Pass Green Card Giveaway to Indian Workers by Sept. 27

  1. Why? Illegal immigrants South of the border aren’t tech savvy enough other than mowing lawns and us Americans are too expensive to pay?

    Hang this bastard for high treason!

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