14 thoughts on “Got a few trolling

    1. LOL ….what I was going to say ……just can’t wait for Mark’s and Henry’s fish stories …hahaha

  1. LOL… hey Henry, remember the fishing story I told you on The Word a few years ago about that fish that snatched my dad’s pole out of the boat? That was where you are now.

    The fish sure have shrunk since we were there. 🙄

    1. Henry told me that they had to poison this lake a while back to get rid of all the fish that didn’t belong here.

      1. That’s a damn shame, Mark, it really is.

        The average size we caught trolling there back in the 60s was 16 – 18 inches… deep water, using either a Ford Fender or Dave Davis with a 3 foot leader and a Flatfish.

          1. No, it was raining this morning. Rain through Tuesday, then SUNNY (mostly) for the next 5 days. THEN I’ll go fishing… maybe even on my birthday. 🙂

            I’m almost out of time here (3:00), and I haven’t even commented on the new articles up yet (except one reply to JR), so I’ll be off for a while, but I’ll hit A&W in about 30 – 40 mins. to comment some more. I have a really good article to send in, but not till later.

          2. Well, that took longer than expected. Got back in the nick of time… the thunderstorm predicted for yesterday just hit us. Had to wait it out since I lost the only good umbrella I had a couple months ago. I have rain gear, but nothing to keep my computer bag dry. 🙁

  2. You better get a few more if you want dinner.

    That must be Henry with the fillet knife because that hand has a wedding ring on it. That requires a touch that I haven’t developed yet. I lose too much meat, so I just fry ’em up and pull the bones out after it’s cooked.

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