28 thoughts on “Got Rope?

  1. Should be able to get six on that left branch alone, maybe seven. Looks like this tree knew what it was growing for.

  2. Already bought stock in two rope manufacturers.
    I think I would personally use paracord, though.

    1. Oh, I don’t know Rick, I have some old time hemp rope in good shape. There’s something about the folklore of a hemp rope tied in the proper “noose” fashion that’s sewed into the fabric of American history. Your paracord may prove more efficient, but I enjoy the nostalgia.

  3. Hahahaha!! So this is the famous tree that you were talking about last night, Paul.

    Perfect…… 😉

  4. Dang right. We need to go back to hanging people. I mean if it is clear cut you murdered someone then hang em high. Just like that scum that killed and injured people at the boston marathon couple of years ago. I had two cousins injured in that blast and one of them had a leg amputated. The mfer should have already been hung. Or better yet hang him and put a live grenade in his pants and televise it. This is what happens when you f with our country.

    1. Dang! You really are informed. Maybe you could tell us what happened to that first fella they arrested, you know, the white Christian Fundamentalist from the Midwest that they had over to that courthouse where all the media had gathered to be the first to get his picture. You know, before somebody posted the pictures of the Massad CIA team running the so called bomb drill, after which the scramble was on to recreate the lie to suit the circumstances.
      Straight up, I don’t believe a f#@king word you just put forth. How stupid do you think we are? And who are you, djlocks?
      Two cousins, huh? Surely you can produce their names so that we know you are not just pulling this out of your ass. Or are they more of the production created by the black ops who staged the event, complete with medical records, every bit as legit as Obama’s birth certificate?

      1. Wow! That’s what I get for not reading all the comments sometimes. Totally missed it.

        Excellent, WELL-DESERVED blast, Henry!

        What a MAROON!!!

      2. Thanks for calling him on that BS, Henry. The Boston Bombing was a total CIA run, false flag event so the tyrannical Govt. could practice their planned, upcoming Martial Law.

  5. One of my cousins was Erika brannock. Didn’t mean to stir things up. And definitely not trying to cause trouble here. I enjoy reading up on things at this site.

    1. It’s already been conclusively established that the Boston Marathon ‘bombing’ was/is a complete hoax. No one was injured, no one was killed, and now we’re suspects/terrorists if we even own a pressure cooker.

      You may want to reconsider that cousin story.

  6. I got too personal with the comment. I apologize. Will keeps comments to a minimum. And she was injured at the marathon.

    1. Tell me exactly what you think happened at the so called Boston Marathon bombing, keeping in mind the first fella arrested that disappeared with the wind, the black op teams on the ground, and the fact that the Tzarnaev brothers had been recruited into the CIA. And don’t forget the cousin that was openly executed by the FBI.
      I’m all for hanging murderers, but I require to know exactly how it all occurred. And since when is a fleet of wheel chairs standard equipment at a marathon?
      You say your cousin was injured by an explosion. Sorry, but that proves nothing. And don’t you find it a bit odd that the trial for Jodi Arias who was accused of murdering her boyfriend was televised ad nauseam while the trial for the accused bomber was treated more like a secret trial?
      The only information we have is what the commie Zionist Jews want us to have. There comes a point when reality demands to be realized. It was a production. Only question is if your cousin or cousins were there, what role were they playing, either knowingly or unknowlingly.

  7. Just read the article. That I didn’t know. I don’t know what to believe. But I wish I wouldn’t have even posted the comment.

  8. I was told the cousins were waiting at the finish line for their mother to finish the race. Just going by what I was told. But obviously after reading this makes me question what really happened.

    1. Something I’ve done for years… don’t take anything at face value.

      Always question, always investigate.

    2. Damn, tellin’ people your cousin got his leg blowed off is something else. It’s like these people that say, “Well, I saw this guy in a wheel chair with his leg blowed off!” What they don’t tell you is he was a paid crisis actor in a wheelchair. Come on people, if it were a real gig, he just brought the wheelchair along “just in case”?

    3. Different people are at different levels of awakening. No harm is saying something as you are willing to step back and look at the situation and question.

  9. Adrianne Haslet-Davis was supposedly employed by Arthur Murray dance studios before the bombing and her “official” employment promo photo is a blatant forgery as she would have been steamrolled by the others actually dancing in the pic. She is stationary and clearly photoshopped in.

    Jane Richards’ leg is already missing in the pre-bomb explosion as she stands at the crowd barrier, resting her weight on her natural leg and leaning against her father to keep weight off her prosthetic leg. Straps on her thigh are clearly visible as well as an EXTRAORDINARILY large “knee” for a little girl.

    That and a few score more problems…BS beyond belief.

    Arthur Murray’s birth name is Moses Teichman btw

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