Government By Traitors And Cowards.

Am I a traitorMilitia News – by Andrew C. Wallace

Elected and appointed officials at all levels of government are Traitors or Cowards who positively refuse to obey the Constitution and laws of the United States of America taking their orders from the large corporations rather than the people. Government employees who attempt to serve the people are branded as whistle-blowers and persecuted. Government employees who protect the people are framed and jailed when they interfere with the profitable flow of drugs and slave labor.  

How many more Millions of innocent Americans have to be sacrificed by murder, killing, rape, robbery, molestation, kidnapping, loss of jobs, savings, pensions, standard of living, freedom, everything of value and even their country; because of almost total corruption by government and corporate officials? What don’t you understand?

Treasonous and Cowardly government officials who allow and support these unconstitutional, unlawful and heinous crimes against citizens and this Republic are the most dastardly traitors in history; which includes, but is not limited to Presidents Barack Obama, G. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G. H. W. Bush. Leaders of both political parties and officials in sanctuary cities also support the treason.

Sorry, you may want to continue ignoring the truth, but you can’t for long because I promise, it will destroy you.

It is taking time for Americans to learn the unbelievable truth, but now they are learning at an accelerating rate and the anger is palpable.

Mark W. Lowry, a great writer and patriot said, quote. “Let our treasonous elected officials Know, JUSTICE WILL BE DONE. I try to express myself and let people know I am one American that will not go down without a fight. I will with my God given dying breath use that last movement to spit in the face of the lying treasonous corrupt public officials who are destroying the USA, one of the greatest gifts God has given the world since he gave his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.” unquote.

Kenn d’Oudney, another great writer and patriot said, quote. “The undermining of the ideals, the degeneration of the decent way of life, and the fragmentation of the former general cohesion of Western society, are a long-planned and progressively executed mission, controlled by those few who have, and wield, the power behind-the-scenes to achieve their objective. They supervise corruptible politicians (of all political complexions) and the judiciary to implement their agenda. To stop their malfeasance, their objective requires to be exposed. They must be brought to justice, for their crimes are legion and the evidence to the wrongdoing, incontrovertible.” unquote.

Few can express themselves as effectively as Mark Lowry and Kenn d’Oudney, but the feelings of knowledgeable people toward the traitors are universal and identical, mostly expressed in four letter words of contempt and anger.

Are Americans just lazy cowards who will sit on their posteriors while the criminals reduce them to living and dying homeless, hungry and in pain as slaves? Are we really so stupid and blind that we will tolerate this treatment. I think not.

Are we going to allow these traitors to continue using their privately owned, so called Federal Reserve Bank to steal everything we have as a nation and as individuals, by first inflating the economy, stealing everything they could, bailing themselves out with our money, then deflating the economy and stealing our remaining depreciated assets. This is a repeat of what they did in the great depression. For your information they have initiated the first step by taking money out of circulation.

Hell, I can guarantee you what is going to happen, when the pain is more generalized and unbearable, the people will rise up in revolt resulting in much death and destruction. Don’t you understand that this means the end of everything? This is what we are trying to prevent by defeating the traitors with the rule of law before this happens.

We must have the Rule of Law enforced at all levels and branches of government with no exceptions and most especially in the so called justice system where judges routinely make decisions based on their feelings rather than the constitution and laws. Judges also deprive jurors of required information and their constitutional powers to the detriment of defendants. The rule of law must be vigorously enforced in accordance with the constitution, without bribes, or favors.

It is imperative that members of the armed forces and law enforcement adhere to the Constitution and Laws of the United States by refusing to obey Unlawful and Unconstitutional orders from traitors who obtained power by Deceit and Fraud to satisfy their Avarice. If the military and police violate the Constitutional rights of the people by obeying unlawful orders from traitors they will be no different than the Gestapo and SS criminals who were judged at Nurnberg and hung for their crimes. In the process unlawful actions would cause a revolution.

As a Christian, I respect the Church, but I have nothing but contempt for the Cardinals, Bishops and Ministers who misuse the word of God to justify their self serving criminal actions to protect illegals at the expense of our citizens. If I was to give these clerics credit for knowing the facts, then their actions would be truly heinous, rather than just self serving and criminal.

Officials who do not enforce all the laws are corrupt enemies of the people because then we have tyranny. We can only survive without revolution if we lawfully take back our government and then proceed to impeach and prosecute government officials at all levels and branches of government.

We must use experienced combat troops to remove the criminal illegals from sanctuary cities and wherever they are located, using deadly force as required in any war. It is a war directed by the usurpers in our government. Officials in government and corporations who protect these criminal illegals should be arrested and tried by military tribunal with their resources used to compensate citizens who were victims of their treason. This is the only way to protect our people and our Republic.

We have a corrupt media controlled by traitors that would be the envy of Adolph Hitler. Most Americans don’t know that their government was hijacked by the power elite, tax free foundations and corporations because these traitors own the mainstream media that absolutely and positively refuses to report any truth not supportive of their treason.

It is the responsibility of every American who knows the truth to visit their politicians, educate them and obtain a firm written pledge from them to serve the people rather than the corporations and corrupt leaders of either political party. Anyone who knows the truth and fails to act is a Slacker and guilty of a most grievous sin for which they will suffer on this earth, and answer for later, with god and our patriots.

You do not have to be a Christian to know that the Hedonists among us ignored God’s word by killing 40 to 50 million babies by abortion, who would otherwise have supported them in their old age. Corporations replaced these murdered children with uneducated illegals and their children who will always be a financial drain on our country and negatively impact Social Security and all benefits.

Experts interviewed on the Lou Dobbs show (8-21-08) stated that our population would increase by 50% in the next forty years due mostly to legal and illegal immigration. No other country is facing such a dramatic reduction in standard of living because of population growth. This growth would require a 50% increase in required oil, food, housing and other resources. They also reported that potable water would be in short supply worldwide. Now let me put this in perspective for you poor clueless victims of the mainstream media. Oil, food and most things are scarce resources and 50% more resources are going to be required to support 50% more people. Most illegals will not speak our language, dislike us, are uneducated including a high percentage of criminals, and will never support themselves. I don’t hate these people, but all immigration must stop and the illegals must be deported quickly using whatever force is required, otherwise you will be living as a slave in a country like Mexico. Every bit of this was caused by traitors in government taking orders from large corporations for money. Make no mistake about it; anyone who now supports legal or illegal immigration is an enemy of the people.

Ending both legal and illegal immigration with swift and forceful comprehensive deportation of illegals must be accomplished because it is essential for our survival. If we should fail to take back our government with the rule of law before Americans suffer and revolt, the illegals must run for their lives. Again I am sorry if you can’t accept the brutal truth. I am predicting, not advocating.

Either educate your politicians now with rule of law while you can still save something, or suffer through a bloody civil war and end up in poverty anyway.

Did you know that when the politicians made it unlawful for us to use all of our energy resources that they were deliberately reducing our standard of living, because cheap energy is the key to our prosperity, and that is not their objective.

Unless we can stop it, the pain of the people will increase to the point of severe Tyranny and pain, resulting in Anarchy, Revolt, Bloodshed, Destruction and a Pyrrhic victory. While this would be a direct result of Treason and Cowardice by government officials directed by corporations, it could be avoided if people who know the truth would confront their politicians right now, lawfully, politely, and very firmly. We could clean house.

Many organizations, protesters and writers dedicated to exposing and stopping the destruction of our Republic are performing a great and perilous service for the people of this country. For if their efforts are perceived to be effective they will be trashed, attacked, or taken out. If God allows our work to resonate with the people resulting in defeat of the traitors, I could accept retribution by the traitors. If there is reprisal by the traitors, there will be retaliation by the people. Millions of people are actively engaged in this fight. But, to be most effective, our efforts must be focused on informing, motivating, directing and giving tools to the people so they can take action. Somehow, everyone’s work must be seen as part of the big picture to be understood by the people. The War on our people and country is ruthless, broad based, all encompassing and quite complex. People must learn how they are being screwed in so many ways by criminals in government and corporations. There is no part of our society, government, or people, et al that has not been affected adversely. It is therefore imperative that everyone focus on presenting their parts of the fight as part of the whole treason to be understood.

It was not my intent to insult honest Americans, but I will be damned if I will sugarcoat the truth. The longer you sit on your hands, the more Americans will die, and it could be you, or yours. If you don’t use the prepared information and materials in the links provided below to protect yourself and family you are no patriot, you are only a citizen by accident of birth and you will soon be a slave in the North American Union ruled by a Corporate One World Order.

5 thoughts on “Government By Traitors And Cowards.

  1. …I was employed by the US Department of Defense for over two decades…working all over the world…technically, designated as a “Whistle-Blower! Early in my career, back in the 80’s..having worked through the two Bushes…the two Clinton’s…and this Obama traitor. After about a year of in California… where I watched minor-league corruption and gangsterism floating by everyday…I was amazed at how scared these people were of their bosses? Then I was transferred to Japan… …and I discovered that they were nothing but corrupt all across the planet….I secretly taped my boss telling me that the government “would get me” for being a “whistle-blower”…that I would “never be promoted”…he told me that they would ”make things up about me”, etc, etc. And man, was he right…they beat the piss out of me for twenty-two years…but I never once gave into their corruption….I tried to explain to my family how corrupt the whole thing is…and how The PTB are shaking up a whole new arrangement…but very few people believe…. you see, they know that if they do not get off this rock, and figure out a way to spread out over the universe…when we run out of resources on this chunk..we’re finished as a species…so they are getting ready to shake things up again…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an insane Family

    1. I think we talked about you being a whistle blower in the past. Well then who did you go to and who did you rat/snitch ` on? Who was your superior R.J. O`Guillory?, that you went running to to snitch/rat on `cause I`m just wonderin` ya know 🙂 🙂 It would be good to know now ya now. I would think that you would let us know the names of your superiours and who you ratted on eh R.J.

      1. Sure diggerdan…it was called The Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) a non appropiated fund for the US DoD…non-appropriated fund means no-tax money, it pays for itself…and they do about 12 billion dollars a year in retail and food sales on US military installations around the world…I went to work for them in the late 80’s…worked in Japan, Germany and all over Europe, Bosnia, Hungary, Korea. I taught people how to open and manage some of the highest volume McDonald’s, Burger King & Taco Bell restaurants in the world…and I ran a beer tent in Hungary at Kaposvar….open 4 hours a night…. $20,000 a night in sales….oh, and I received a personal tour of Air Force One…under Clinton… after which I went out and wrote a book….and I am working on my second book, “Confession of a Federal Hamburger Flipper”….How bout’ you?

        In the future, if you are going to make fun of someone you do not know…I would advise you to insure your facts are straight…as much as possible…

  2. No doubt we live in dark times as explained in this report. Who would think Egypt would lead the fine example that they are not willing to be ruled under a corrupt government?…… We must be thought of as the cowards of the world, to let such tryanny overcome come us as it has. We have to take action, stop this evil, set a bar for the rest of the corrupt politicans in the world to know that we’ll never be in support of such evil. We are a free people and we must stand united. Its really coming down to the very last scraps of our sovereign rights, before they are stripped away forever.

  3. hey diggerdan…btw….what the the US Government wanted me to do…was to re-package and sell out-of-date Burger King Whopper meat to the local Japanese community…and when I refused to act in a manner that could have poisoned the entire local area and would kill people all over Japan once it spread out….and I knew all of that because I was an NSF Certified Sanitation Instructor and Exam Proxy…Oh, and after that I went out and became a Certified EEO Investigator…I’m sorry,…how about yourself…?



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