Government seizing assets, keeping the cash

Published on Jan 23, 2015 by CNN

CNN’s Gary Tuchman reports on how the U.S. federal government can take your money and leave you having to prove that your money is innocent.

3 thoughts on “Government seizing assets, keeping the cash

  1. LOL
    The “news” (if you listen) is just stating that “the government can seize your assets”. Its not questioning lawfulness nor is is calling the thievery criminal. They continue to say “the government is”.

    only good for listening to if you want to predict what every mind controlled parrot-headed quisling will be repeating tomorrow.

    I will continue to say it.
    “I authorize NO agents to act on MY behalf NOR do I recognize ANY agent outside of my-own personal printed and signed contracts.”

    “what guns?”
    I said it to a person I know today when they said hello.
    They smiled.

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