10 thoughts on “Graham Fitness (WA) is being fined every day they remain open and so they put the US Constitution and Bill of Rights on their store front windows

  1. Good, and when the Stasi come to shut him down… maybe it’ll be a good rally point for rebellion…! No more protesting, hog tie any uniforms and suits that come to threaten you.

    But you’ll need to out number and out gun them of course.

    Put them on a bus and drop them off at their local station..!

    1. So easy to launder money at a gym, alot of Bullshit going on here as well. Right now during this Corona bullshit, all kinds of corruption going on, somebody is shaking this guy down, and it aint anybody on the right side of morality.

      Nothing is what it may seem. You cant believe anything you see or hear right now, everything is being masked through seemingly innocent deeds, if you get my drift.

      Gyms are a major money laundering shop basically anymore. Millions change hands every month out of these clip joints. Somebody wants a piece of this guy..

      1. Regardless, it is something that every freedom loving American should put on their doors and business doors as a constant remainder of our rights because the schools sure aren’t teaching it anymore.

        1. Yeah it should be on our license plates. I’m just saying all morality is gone. Any kind of honesty or doing things the honest way has left this country. It’s dog-eat-dog now brother. I mean entire cities have turned into Somalia, IE Detroit, and soon-to-be Manhattan for crying out loud. I’m seeing entire portions of cities turned into a shit hole it’s unbelievable out here
          The Bill of Rights is gone man disappeared. The only people that ever talk about the Bill of Rights Is Us and believe me I talked to a lot of people. The sad part is most of them are from another country

          Sure what I’m saying isn’t positive I’m just telling you guys what I see and hear and it ain’t good.

          1980 and 1990 gangsters have had more morals.

          1. You ain’t wrong brother, but it is we whom are the light… the few initially perhaps..but we know our own fortitude…

            They will cross the line to us as individuals sooner than later I see it coming at our company I work at… and when it does all pretenses will vanish..

            We’ll shift from this charade into direct hard core action

            I think often of how the organized militia are just sitting there waiting on our sacrifices …

            Any place or biz taking a stand and
            Using the BORs is a great place for the Organized militia to rally at and make a stand but they refuse to do any such thing…!

            So we as individuals are on our own as we have always been I guess..!

          2. ‘The Bill of Rights is gone man disappeared.’ Not gone Mark. The BoR is not something ‘over there’. It is up to the individual to live them. I see few doing that here where I am. Every chance I get I speak to others about how their Natural Rights (BoR) are being attacked. Sadly much of the time I just get ‘the look’. People for some darn reason are still in fear mode as evidenced by that stupid mask wearing. I suspect as things go, more people will wake up to The Law. Those that don’t will take a bullet without a fight.

          3. ‘You ain’t wrong brother, but it is we whom are the light… the few initially perhaps..but we know our own fortitude…’ …. I agree Norm. Afterall, I didn’t spend all this time in class (the Trenches) to sit in the dark

          4. “The Bill of Rights is gone man disappeared.”
            No, it is not. I’m sitting here looking at it.
            The problem in this country is the enforcement of the Bill of Rights, and I would expect, as you are running in the fast lane of the status quo operation that everything around you would be chaotic with the hubs and the routes, but these do not represent the mass of the country.
            The alternative news that can get out on the internet indicate that the people, not just in the United States, are very aware of the danger to not only the United States, but the world.
            What I see from where I am is mass awakening and the Bill of Rights becoming once again what it was supposed to be. The defiance is building and no matter how many people are working in the main stream and have to justify their compromise, the people saying “F-k this bullshit I will not comply” still outnumber them a thousand to one.
            The Bill of Rights is not gone and disappeared because it is front and center in the Trenches. If you don’t hear the words Bill of Rights anywhere, you should be the one to speak it.
            The Bill of Rights will not be pushed aside outside the mainstream where the guns and the people willing to fight dwell. Every day there are another million people wanting to know what happened to their freedoms and liberties and here we are to tell them.
            No, the Bill of Rights is not dead, though every effort is being made in that pita tiny little mainstream to make it seem so and it is not going to work.

          5. I say the Bill of Rights probably a hundred fifty times a day, and I’ll keep doing it until the day I die as one of the soldiers for freedom as well as working my ass off there’s no other way other than the Bill of Rights. That’s a given. Everybody around me is a f****** Foreigner. They don’t give a s*** I’m speaking into my phone the phone won’t print the words

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