‘Greater Idaho’ petitioners want parts of Oregon, California to join Gem State

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A group has created a petition that would expand the state of Idaho, allowing some Oregon counties and parts of northern California to join the Gem State.

“Greater Idaho” is aiming to change present borders of Idaho, Oregon and Northern California so that the latter two would become part of the State of Idaho. 

“We want the voices of these mostly rural areas to be heard in our state capital & not be drowned out by the large cities and urban areas,” Greater Idaho’s website reads.

The process would require local ballot measures along with state and federal approval. The first phase of the plan would include Idaho gaining all but 14 Oregon counties, before phase two shifts to northern California.

Greater Idaho says the petition was awarded a ballot title in Josephine County and accepted by a Douglas County Clerk. In order to appear on ballots this November, the group would need to gather 2,429 Josephine County valid signatures and 2,955 Douglas County valid signatures.

Organizers say they plan to file petitions in 17 other counties.

“We are starting with county ballot initiatives first because we want to prove that, after the campaign this summer, ordinary voters in rural Oregon will show that they don’t want to be ruled from Salem anymore,” Chief petitioner Mike McCarter said. “Convincing the state to let these counties go is the second step.”

38-page proposal states that it is idea is different from a secession as it doesn’t create a new state or affect the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.


One thought on “‘Greater Idaho’ petitioners want parts of Oregon, California to join Gem State

  1. Maybe this is a mini version of globalization? Jus’ gradually melt all borders and blend into one big globally-managed conglomerate. Steal all resources, but do this under the guise of humanitarianism.

    Ef ’em.


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