Gun Control Made Easy and Your Enemies Help

Really think Barry Soetoro (Obama) and the gun grabbers will be so blatant to outright ban your guns and ammo? If you think that, then you are way more stupid than they are. Believe it or not, 99% of the supposed pro 2nd amendment crowd has played right into their hands after the latest mass killing in Newtown CT. So much that, I have to really wonder if that is a coincidence or by design.

Check out what most of the “conspiracy” and alternative media sites on the web say about this issue of mass killings and gun control – nearly all are blaming these horrible mass shootings on psychotropic drugs and not guns. It only dawned on me tonight where this is headed, and it’s entirely possible that they will start with the very exact argument the alleged pro 2nd amendment groups are using as a defense to start their gun grabbing.

Ironic, coincidence, by design, or all of them rolled into a nice all encompassing circle-jerk?

Think I’m crazy – read on then.  Just recently, I have seen several news articles referencing that the medical and psychiatric community has started classifying normal human emotions with a clinical diagnosis as a mental health disorder. If you’re in love, you have amorous coiceptus. Out of love and heartbroken? Poor thing – you have amorous diceptus – coded 998 and 999 respectively.

Here is the latest article I picked up on the psychiatric communities’ plans on determining whether you are mentally ill or not. Please read this and any links because the fact is, they are trying to make us all mentally ill.

Ever have any anger issues? Ever get in a fight? Ever have neighbor problems? Suffer from mood swings? Ever get depressed? Ever feel despondent? Ever feel lonely? Ever feel pain? Ever feel anxiety at work? Guess what, the medical community will have a fix for that and more importantly, they already have a diagnosis ready and waiting you. The government and medical community will soon have a diagnosis for most any normal human emotional condition and it will be classified as a mental health disorder.

I’m hoping you see where this is going in relation to this mass murder issue. If not, I’ll spell it out for you. They will start the gun grab slowly by instituting the federal background checks, couple that with Obamacare(henceforth referred to SoetoroCare) , the states, federal agencies, insurance companies, medical communities participation and all new regulations and voila, they have gun control over a very large portion of the USA populace.  All done with no blanket gun or ammo bans per se, and helped along by the pro 2nd amendment folks – freaking genius!

You and every single person in this country of ours can soon  be diagnosed with some sort of psychiatric condition(if not already) that will be used as an excuse so that you can’t own firearms and it almost seems like everyone that I see on the web hasn’t figured that out yet. By the time the idiots in this country catch on, it will be a done deal.

The biggest issue is that it will make perfect logical sense to most to not allow people with emotional issues to own firearms. Just think though that if your normal human emotions are determined to be mental health disorders, then pretty much 100% of the population will not be allowed to own any type of firearms, if not in the near future, certainly in the foreseeable future.  I can tell you this, the government will pass the national background checks under the guise of filtering out people with mental health issues and even the pro 2nd amendment folks will not only agree but will help in that process – mark my words.

On Jan 16th , Barry Soetoro did not execute any presidential executive orders for gun control as everyone expected. He only issued executive directives or actions. Not only that, but not a single word about any particular firearm or accessory whatsoever. Did this surprise you? It did me and got me to thinking.   I suggest you read all 23 of them. Of the 23, ten of them are specifically related to background checks, mental health, and coordination of the various government, insurance and medical communities to disseminate mental health issues in the background check process.

Keep in mind that not only will this include the mental health issues they have on their current list, but also the ones they already have but will hold until the laws are in place.  Once the federal background checks are in place, it will be left up to a federal agency to change the criteria at their whim, not unlike the current EPA now. Once the check is in place, there will be no need for Congress or even the fraudulent non-president of the day to make any new law. This anonymous government agency probably to be named Gun Violence Protection Agency(GVPA), will only have to issue agency regulations and bam! – add another 20 million citizens to the gun ban list.

I can almost guarantee a federal mandate, coupled with Obamacare, that all of your medical records including your psych records will all be subject to the new firearms background checks.  Once the government fully institutes all of the medical community into the fold (already there), then a large part of the populace here in the states will not qualify to own any firearms whatsoever and will be subject to confiscation. Add to that the future coming regulations, and it probably won’t be that long until they get the large portions of guns. Guess what – no one in any household where a resident has a mental “issue” will be allowed to have guns.

Got a kid on ADD meds – no guns for you. Friend staying with you that you’re trying to help that suffered from depression – they’ll come for your guns. Goes on and on and on – once this starts it will not stop.

What percentage of people do you think have over the years taken any prescribed anti-depressants, anxiety-meds, ADD or other meds that would currently eliminate them from owning a gun? 10% – 20% -30% – more? Think about it and then think about the fact that the government has their paid minions in the medical community that is right now working on diagnosis programs for every single human emotional condition. How do you think that’s going to work out in the long term for you idiots that think you’re Patriots and won’t commit to really protesting the loss of our Republic? Once they’ve fully implemented all human emotions and given them a mental health disorder classification, then it’s truly all over.

Damn, this is depressing isn’t it?

I have to admit that this whole Newtown government psychological operation and gun grab issue didn’t make any sense to me until I watched the anti-USA Barry Soetoro speak and was somewhat surprised that he didn’t go for the jugular on gun control. That started me thinking as to why? The only logical answer is that gun bans in the sense that nearly all of us think of them is not the plan at all. No, they want their gun bans but know they can’t have them in the traditional sense.

So, what could be the real true plan to ban guns for most of the USA populace? Believe I’ve figured it out and I don’t believe for a second that “they” aren’t smart enough to have planned it this way. They are way smarter than most of us as they have some of the smartest people in the world working on their team.

How many years ago did they start giving our kids these psychotropic drugs knowing full well that they could be turning them into killers. I’m assuming here that it actually does. If so, they knew full well and started that 20-30 years ago and now magically we have mass killers all doped on the drugs that the government and medical/pharma industry told you what was best for you. But now, the same problem they created in the first place, they magically have an answer to fix the problem. Won’t be to stop the drugs I’m afraid – only to make sure people can’t get guns.

So, perhaps all of the web sites that are posting all of this crap about psych drug links to all of these mass killings should re-think this issue. Could very well be that it’s true with those drugs but it could also be just as true that there’s more to these mass murders than just the drugs. Could our government be smart enough to stage these atrocities already knowing years in advance that the blame will go to these psychotropic drugs and guns – both? Could there be a better situation for the government to be in? I think not.  They don’t have to directly control guns, but to indirectly control them using the bought and paid for medical community. They are ingenious and don’t think for a half a second that they aren’t that smart.

At the risk of boring you, please check out Barry’s executive “actions” that specifically relate to the background checks and mental health. Also remember that 10 of the 23 “actions” are specifically related to this issue – nearly 50%. Coincidence? I will only list the ten that concerns this article but of course all should study all 23 of them.

1. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background-check system.

Barry just has to remind the ass-wipes that work for the FED what they should already know – give us any and all data that we require – should you decide to be a whistleblower – we’ll send a drone for you – ok? This of course will include any pertinent info in regards to any firearms background-checks and mental illnesses to later be discussed – got it?

2. Address unnecessary legal barriers, particularly relating to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, that may prevent states from making information available to the background-check system.

Not sure if you understand much about HIPAA, but it’s supposed to protect your private medical information, including of course mental health disorders. This one is very specific in that it tells us the government will want complete access to all of your health care records in relation to firearms purchase background checks from every state – no mistaking this one. Check the next one to see how the federal government will get this done(money).

3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background- check system.

There it is – #2 states “may prevent states” clause and here is the states’ payoff with “incentives”. They are clearly giving the green light to all states that the federal government is going to pay them to go along with this, probably over and above the real cost to institute any regulations. Anyone have an example of any state government that could refuse an offer to get paid more than the cost of the program and be able to keep the overages? lf we’re lucky, maybe Arizona would refuse but no one else. keyword = “incentives” = money

4. Direct the attorney general to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks.

This one designed to encompass anyone that they may have forgot to include originally, and be charged with a federal crime(they’ll work on this). Certainly it will include people that have “mental disorders” but also of course people that could be deemed anti-government or anything else they deem threatening/”dangerous”. Could be anyone if they diagnose normal human conditions as mental disorders but assuredly if you are anti-government you fall in this “crack”.

14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.

Speculation but it would be easy to see the CDC to already have studies linking gun violence to mental health disorders – No? Already all of the alternative media sites have factual evidence that 90% of all of recent mass killings are linked to psychotropic drugs – do you really think the CDC doesn’t already know this? No, they do and if this one isn’t already on their immediate list, they will surely put all of these people on the gun ban/confiscation list quickly.  I’d expect that the CDC already has way more on their gun ban list than just those on psychotropic drugs – are you on it?

16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.

So, in other words if you have a mental health disorder(or have ever had) and your doctor knows about it, they will ask you if you have a firearm. Goes without saying they will be required to report it if they want to keep living the doctor lifestyle. Expanding on that, it will be most likely that doctors will have to review each and every single patient’s complete records to make sure that they were never a threat to society. The gov’t will most likely pay them, but this will happen. All of your past records will be examined sooner or later if we let this happen..

7. Release a letter to healthcare providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities.

This obviously means there is already a current law on the records to not prohibit health-care providers from reporting you. Sort of goes against that HIPPA crap, but it’s our gracious protecting government – right? Just sort of a reminder to Doctors and such that they haven’t been doing their duties as a good doctor here for the USG. This also of course will include insurance companies. Got to cross-check – right? From doctors and now to the insurance companies – they don’t seem to be missing anything do they? Let’s see – believe Barry has it all covered.

20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover.

Weird that this relates to gun violence? Read it again – “must cover” – strange – maybe they’ll have to cover you being institutionalized after you’ve been deemed a threat(I mean mentally impaired). To be determined exactly what he means. Other actions later in this might clarify as possibly they are going to write restrictions so that anyone that is deemed a threat might possibly not be covered by Medicaid, etc… This one is strange – email me if you know the answer.

21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within Affordable Care Act exchanges.

OK, finish off the links with Soetoro-Care and background checks. That’s easy – for sure most of it’s already written I’m sure.

22. Commit to finalizing mental-health parity?

Will have to check what they might mean by parity but I expect that to mean parity between the government(fed & state), doctors, insurance companies and the law  in regards to what they believe to be safe for you to own firearms – mentally. Had a parity check lately? Coming to you soon – no worries.

23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.

If you don’t know, this means that the government is going to use the MSM to propagandize the need to create the public outcry so as to allegedly create the need for more stringent regulations on mental health issues in regards to owning firearms. Expect the MSM already has their talking points for starters. Just tune in to the paid shills at CNN, FOX, MSNBC and of course the nightly news for proof that I’m right as they will start this very soon if not already. Yes – you alleged right-wingers, I included FOX in that list. There is no difference between the two parties and you’ll find that out soon enough when they pass this federal background-check as FOX will be playing it up as a concession.

Lots of stuff about mental health – yes? Actually 11 actions, not 10 and if you look at the others, most are just fluff. The real meat of these coming regulations are aimed straight up at mental health. And, nearly everyone at this stage would agree that people with mental health issues should not own firearms. The sons of bitches are freaking genius’ as even Barry’s enemies would agree that people with mental health issues shouldn’t have guns, especially with all of the “truther” sites out there pointing to all of these mass killings being caused by SSRI’s.

Let’s just assume for a second that all of these mass shootings have been as the government and MSM would have you believe – the work of mostly lone gun-men. Guess who filled in the gap in facts that these mass shootings are really more related to mental health issues? You did – the alternative media, that’s who. The government and MSM has to release just info about the mass shooters’ meds and voila – you fell right into their trap. God – what a beautiful plan by these monsters.

Again, don’t think for a second they aren’t smart enough. They only have to have a couple of popular web sites out there ran by their paid operatives to plant the seed of psychotropic drugs as being the cause and magically the “opposition” makes their case for them for gun control and the vast majority will agree with them, including their weaker opposition.

This would be funny if people weren’t getting killed out there. The bastards are smarter than the average bear for sure.

I would fully expect that Barry-Care already has most of these gun control background check / mental health regulations already written into it. The government is very good at pre-planning so I expect there won’t be much to add to it. Someone with more time could check and I’d bet good money that you’d find pre-planned links to gun-control and mental health already written in Soetoro-Care.

Do you see anything in the 23 directives about assault weapons? Anything about high-cap mags? Anything about even automatic weapons? Anything about any firearms of any kind? Tanks? Machine guns? Armed jets? Land mines? Do you? NO – because they will not pass a law on any of that. They will either create a new department to handle those regulations or pass it to the ATF and create just generic laws and allow the responsible agencies to write the regulations to determine who can and can not own firearms.

So, there you have it. Clearly, Barry and the gun-grabbers have laid their cards on the table and went all in. They were stupid enough to go all in before the flop, but brazen enough to see if you have the cahonies to call their bluff. Are you? You and I have to go all in to beat them.

If you allow the background checks to move forward, this will be on you and I – no one else. Not your fathers, grand-fathers and certainly not your kids – this one is on you and if you aren’t man or woman enough for the job, just shut the up and get the hell out of the way because there are some of out there that understand what is truly at stake.

If you read the Soetoro directives, it is clear their path to gun control is by way of mental health and there is no question of that.

Time to call their bluff before it’s too late.


Max Barnes – Lakeland FL

Sent to us by the author.

5 thoughts on “Gun Control Made Easy and Your Enemies Help

  1. It’s already started with the VA informing veterans that experienced any combat that they are not mentally fit to own a firearm once they come home. What have these veterans endured overseas that results in more vets commiting suicide than were killed in the never-ending war on terror?

  2. I know many of us have puzzled over this apparent soft step.
    I saw the mental issue being addressed instead of grabbing guns and had some serious WTF time. This article fleshed out the details I was missing in the puzzle. Well done Max!

  3. We know they are scumbags and will try any measure to disarm us, IF. we let them… BUT, no matter what…. DO NOT DISARM…. NOT ONE MORE INCH…. STAND…

    No matter what excuse…. they have… STAND

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