Gun Dealers Targeted by Operation Choke Point

Published on Jan 13, 2015 by US Consumer Coalition

The Justice Department’s Operation Choke Point is affecting lawful firearms and ammunition shops across the country.

If you’ve been affected, please visit and tell your story.

3 thoughts on “Gun Dealers Targeted by Operation Choke Point

  1. Keep it up money idiots..pretty soon guns will be sold in cash deals or bartered ..kicking the banking industry right out of the money that IS gun sales .. thats HUGE money and highly stupid , I cant wait

  2. I really had trouble listening to the two mindless bimbos reporting the story, and I’d like to see the two of them get smacked across the head with a 10-pound bag of nickels, but I saw enough of it to get the point.

    The ONLY reason something like “operation chokepoint” is effective is because Americans are too spoiled and lazy to suffer the slightest inconvenience when there’s a faster way for them to get back to their football games, beer, and gluttony.

    IF only 10% of gun owners stopped using their credit cards because of this you’d see “operation chokepoint” abandoned in a week’s time. Operation chokepoint is only hurting gun dealers because their customers are stupid, lazy, and weak.

    1. Absolutely correct, ESPECIALLY given the fact that in all these unconstitutional dealer raids, like the one here in San Diego, the Feds went through ALL the credit card transactions.

      “Stupid is as stupid does”

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