Gun insurance bill in New York to require liability coverage

Insurance News Report – by Helen Cutner

The new proposal from State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz suggests that owners will need to be covered.

Bill S2353 has just been introduced into the New York State Assembly by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), which would make it required for residents of the state to have to obtain liability gun insurance in order to be able to own a firearm.

The bill identifies not only the minimum coverage but also the consequences for failure to buy a policy.

This new gun insurance bill stated that owners will need to purchase and “continuously maintain” liability coverage that has a minimum of $1 million worth of protection. Failure to do so will cause them to experience “immediate revocation of such owner’s registration, license and any other privilege to own” a firearm.

Simply owning a firearm without gun insurance liability coverage will be considered breaking the law.

Should this bill pass, it will amend the current State Insurance Law in New York. It says that anyone who owns any form of firearm is required to obtain gun insurance liability coverage before the weapon is purchased. It must be active and maintained in an amount that is no smaller than $1 million and must be specific to coverage for the damages that could result from any willful or accidental acts that involve that gun.

The bill does take into account that there are individuals out there who already own the weapons. These people will be given 30 days after the law goes into effect, in order to find and purchase the required gun insurance.

Should the firearm ever be stolen or lost, it must be reported to the police immediately. Should a crime occur involving the use of that weapon, before the report has been made which informs the police of the loss or theft, then it is the gun’s owner who will be held liable.

The bill doesn’t explain exactly what will be done with the weapon should gun insurance coverage not be obtained. It states that the owner will lose his or her legal “privilege” for its ownership, but doesn’t say whether it will be confiscated or whether the owner will be required to surrender it.

10 thoughts on “Gun insurance bill in New York to require liability coverage

  1. Ah, this again! The rich can own guns while the rest of us, without fabulous wealth, cannot. These policies do not exist as a credible insurance product. For the minimum coverage that it states, same as last time, the cost of the policy would be out of reach for 99.9% of gun owners ( just made that percentage up, but you get the idea). What also is not mentioned is that one would have to have a separate policy for each weapon owned, effectively banning guns and creating felons out of law abiding citizens who’s only real crime would be not being wealthy. Unless you are filthy rich no gun for you! Class warfare at its best. Eat poop Mr Ortiz you turd! Oops, eat yourself I guess.

    1. Edit to add: These bills have been sitting in state houses nationwide since the last time around. All they will/have need to do is change names and dates. Much the same, exactly really, as the Patriot Act. Bill Clinton tried to pass this under a different name following Oklahoma City. It was reintroduced after 9-11 and passed, with little to no changes besides name, sponsors, and dates. They don’t go away they wait until they can capitalize on tragedy and emotion for cover.

  2. “legal “privilege””????


    A God-given RIGHT!!! NOT a government right.

  3. Yep, insurance on guns = gun registrations!!!!

    The insurance companies need to register and take the serial number on your gun (Aka gun registration) in order to GIVE you insurance.


    And you can bet that the banks and other corporations will eventually not give any benefits, bank accounts, or insurance on anything unless the people register their guns. And therefore blackmailing the people, making it illegal, and restricting their rights, and so on and so forth. We already see it with Bank of America and Geico as stated in previous articles on here weeks ago.


  4. Another ploy to use those gov’t “contractors” (insurance companies)against you. If this nonsense goes through, boycott ALL insurance companies writing these policies by cancelling any current polices you may hold with them. I’d bet $$ Geico and Progressive are knee deep in this scam.

  5. There’s actually three things that are certain: death, taxes, and the fact that these sub-human creatures will NEVER run out of new ways to make a buck.

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