Gun-Outlawed Chicago Sees 40 Murders In One Month

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A bloody weekend in which eight people were killed and six wounded has put an abrupt end — at least for now — to hopes that Chicago was at least putting a lid on his frightening homicide rate.

With a few days left in the month, the nation’s third-largest city now finds itself on the cusp of its deadliest January in more than a decade. The news comes just after Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy had announced that after several violent months, Chicago had seen a drop in homicides at the end of 2012 and for the first few weeks of 2013. 

Police say the homicide rate is a reflection of the city’s gang problem and a proliferation of guns. Chicago has for years tried to cut off the flow of guns. It has what city officials have called the strictest handgun ordinance in the U.S. But police officials say more needs to be done and that penalties for violating gun laws should be stiffer.

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        1. Good defination #1. Now if we could only get them polititions to understand that….. P.S. I am glad that I would not be a criminal by your definition #1. Cool.

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