Gun Violence Protest at U.S. Capitol Inspired By Holocaust Memorial


Thousands of shoes were placed on the lawn of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning as part of a protest against school shootings.

The display of worn shoes, which were intended to draw Congress’ attention to children who have died from gun violence, was inspired in part by memorials to the Holocaust, its organizer told the Forward.  

“The inspiration of today’s protest is driven by this idea that kids should be around to outgrow their shoes,” the deputy director of the progressive activist organization Avaaz, Emma Ruby-Sachs, told the Forward. “When I think of the shoes memorial at Auschwitz, that’s the thought that strikes me. Right now, as I’m looking at these shoes covering the ground outside the Capitol, I’m having that same thought.”

Ruby-Sachs said that she was partly inspired by displays of victims’ shoes at Auschwitz and at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. She added that her own Jewish faith is part of what powered her through spending the day standing outside in the cold. “There are people missing from our history that shouldn’t be missing. This is part of the Jewish story, for sure.”

Families of gun victims traveled to Washington to participate.

“I’ll travel to D.C. literally wearing my son Daniel’s shoes, the ones he wore the day he died at Columbine,” Tom Mauser told Newsweek. “I think this kind of event with shoes offers a very powerful metaphor both for how we miss the victims who once filled those shoes, and also for how we see ourselves wanting to walk in their place, seeking change, so that others don’t have to walk this painful journey.”

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One thought on “Gun Violence Protest at U.S. Capitol Inspired By Holocaust Memorial

  1. So.
    Let me get this straight.
    You’re Jewish.
    You and your minions put out ~ 10 times as many pairs of shoes as the real actual factual number of school shooting gun deaths.
    Just like the Holocaust story inflates the number of Jewish deaths by, at least, 10 times.
    I’m not saying the Holocaust didn’t happen.
    I’m saying Jews have exaggerated the numbers for political, financial, fraudulent reasons. Jews want the whole world to think that they are the of the worst genocide in history. It’s to gain undeserved sympathy.
    It’s the “woe is me” syndrome.
    Unfortunately it now has become the “cry wolf” syndrome.
    And you continue to attempt to indoctrinate people with propaganda everywhere on the TV and in movies. You rewrite history books. You promote laws for jailing people for merely questioning the number of Jewish deaths in WWII.
    The seething anger and level of hatred by Jews for any discussion about their history in WWII makes me suspicious.
    I think you’re hiding something.
    Crying wolf.

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